Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hi There, I Just Wanted To Say That I Always See You All Over Campus But I Never Knew Your News

-Word from Madrid is that on August 23 a MLS All-Star team will be playing Real at the Bernabeu. Wow. Kinda cool. They might get their asses whipped, but it could be fun though.
-Tonight its the Gold Cup Semifinals from the New Jersey Meadowlands: USA v Honduras at the ungodly hour of 5pm central time. Who watches football at 5pm? Following that match its Colombia v Panama in the other semi. Ben Olsen is out for the USA because of the stupid red card he took against Jamaica. Conor Casey & Steve Cherundolo are both out with their injuries. Eddie Pope is back to practice after his latest boo-boo. Tony Sanneh is said to have some sort of tweak, but is practicing, so who knows.
-If you jump over to the US Soccer site there is page full of video clips, including scenes from yesterdays team practice, and a compilation of goals the USA has scored against Honduras over the last 4 years (including some vintage Clint Mathis bombs).
-Two Sundays back there was a match between Mexico & Jamaica. It was shown in the US on Univision and it got the highest ratings of any sporting event for Hispanic males ever! More than the Super Bowl. Imagine the ratings if USA & Mexico had met in the Gold Cup final like they were supposed to.
-US Open Cup update: With Richmonds ridiculous 8-4 win over Ocean City last night, we have all the pairings set for the 4th Round of the Cup. All games will be played Aug 3 or 4.
Chivas USA v Los Angeles
Portland v San Jose
Columbus v FC Dallas
Richmond v DC United
Kansas City v Des Moines
Minnesota v Colorado
Rochester v Metrostars
Chicago v New England
-Wed night MLS match scores:
Columbus 1-0 Metrostars
Kansas City 1-1 DC United
Colorado 1-2 San Jose
-USA Today continues it run of USMNT player features. Today we get Chris Armas.
-FIFA is reporting that the last USA World Cup Qualifying match is going to be held in Boston on Oct 21 v Panama.
-Yesterday I wrote way too much about the stupid Tim Trophy in Italy. Mainly cuz I love Inter and they were challenging for the trophy. Anyhow, I did not know that Juventus were also fighting Inter and Milan for the award. Well, let's get to the point here - Inter won! Yeah! And here are the scores:
AC Milan 2-1 Juventus
Inter 1-0 Juventus
Inter 0-0 AC Milan (Inter wins 5-4 on pks)
-You can see a trailer of the new Real Madrid movie (it's not a documentary, but it's not fiction either): Real, the movie
-More on the kidnapping of the Cruz Azul coach from the New York Times
-John O'Brien feature in the New York Times too
-Lots more Champions League first round qualifying scores. Winners include my favorite new team - Sheriff! From Moldova.
-I realize that I have never mentioned The Clean Sheet by Tino Palace via the MLS website. It's a regular column that I used to HATE. But I have really gotten into it over the past 12 months. And Tino is a really good guy who always replys to my emails. Check it out now.
-The Mexican Futbol Federation is going to punish new Chivas USA signing Juan Pablo Garcia by holding his official transfer papers until the Aug 15 International Transfer date (instead of letting him play now). The punishment is for not signing with another team in Mexico and instead chosing to play in MLS. Nice federation you got there boys.
-ADDITION: Looks like Robinho has his deal to go play for Real Madrid all sewn up. Santos must have gotten their money.


Blogger incendiarymind said...

I think the MLS All-Stars might put up a good fight since it's had a lot of practice in the Gold Cup.

They'll at least score a goal against Real Madrid's defense, their only weak point. It will be Donovan, of course. :)

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you mean by saying nice federation you got there boys?

P.S. you misspelled choosing.

2:44 PM  

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