Friday, June 10, 2005

Rankings & Reasonings for Friday June 10

01 FC Dallas - Last week I said that I just couldn't move a team out of first place when they don't lose. I am a liar! And that rule is now gone. New England has tied three in a row, where Dallas has won three in a row. And they have done it without El Pescadito & the Grown Ass Man (what a great sitcom that would make)! Now can they do it again versus their arch rival in Chicago.
02 New England - Sorry dudes. Three ties in a row is one too many for me. Twellman is now down, but the other menaces are back. They go to KC with something to prove!
03 Los Angeles - Didn't destroy Metro like they should have. Pando and Lando are back for offense, and they need revenge on RSL for the embarrassing loss a couple weeks ago. I smell victory, but not napalm type victory.
04 Chicago - The got screamed at by Sarachin at half time last week for being 2-1 down to Chivas at home. So they put up 4 and gave up 0 in the second half. I am still not convinced he is a head coach. But we shall see this week. Its a biggie!
05 Kansas City - Come on guys. Are you dull or duller? You have the tools, now stop acting like them, and kick some ass. Wolf-man is back.
06 San Jose - Remember when I was rambling on & on about the San Jose defense being too old to compete. Well since the old dudes Weibel & Dayak got injured and the young dudes Robinson & Califf have replaced them, the team has posted 2 shutouts, and allowed only 1 goal in the 3 matches. Not bad. Now they just have to find someone to score when Ching & Mullen are out. People talk about how Cerritos, DeRosario & Moreno are good players - well, I would like to see that.
07 Metrostars - No Eddie Gaven this week, so the guys who are supposed to already be stars need to stand up and get real. And what about Razov? And what about Jonny Walker?
08 DC United - They are playing exactly like they did last year at this time. They had an excuse then, so what is deal now? I say its that lame defense.
09 Real Salt Lake - OK Cleetus, its time for you to do something for your boy Ellinger. He needs you dude. Grow a spine or something. Starting Dante Washington is not the answer. And if they are gonna play Nik Besagno then why not give Jamie Watson a shot up top. At least Watson plays with some cocky fire in him.
10 Colorado - See Columbus review from last week - don't change anything from it
11 Columbus - Still suck
12 Chivas USA - Is that smell what I think it is?


Blogger D said...

DCU's problem is not defense. Currently tied for 3rd in all MLS in goals allowed does not mean a defensive problem. The problem is offense. To the extend that Nielsen's departure hurt DCU, it is the lack of forward spark he could provide in the middle third.

The problem with DCU? Offense. Very much so. It shouldn't be, with Moreno, Eskandarian, Gomes, Quaranta, and others. But Moreno, a classic assist guy, is now the leading goal scorer. That's not good.

12:29 PM  

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