Friday, June 10, 2005

I Love A Good Alien Robot Voice. I Wonder What It Would Sound Like Reading The News?

-Roma have signed Ghanian Samuel Kuffour away from Bayern Munchen. Another defender, Robert Kovac has also signed with Roma. He was with Juve. CORRECTION: Thanks to Bill for kicking me in the head and pointing out that Kovac has signed with Juve, not Roma.
-Ronald Koeman who got the boot from Ajax midway through last season has become the new coach of Benfica.
-Usually these daily updates from US Soccer about their teams leading up to big games is filled with old news & dumb trivia, if any news at all. Surprisingly this page for the U20 team at the World Championship actually has some original info. Sure some of it is goofy shit. But its pretty good stuff for US Soccer.
-Remember the bald headed bone crushing defensive midfielder who played great for Mexico a few years ago? Gerardo Torrado. Have you, like me, been wondering what exactly happened to him? Well he has been playing in Spain for Racing de Santander, but now it looks like he is trying to get back into his national team by signing with Cruz Azul. Good for him. Not so good for other teams offensive playmakers.
-Diti Hamann signed a new one year contract with Liverpool.
-And you probably already heard this, but UEFA are going to give England a 5th Champions League spot for next year so Liverpool can defend their title. The other teams in the tourney are: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, & Everton.
-Ya know, its kind of funny when you think about an MLS club like Colorado, and you know you probably can't name more than 5 or 6 guys of real quality off the top of your head who have ever played for this team. Yet they released their "10th Anniversary Team" this week, and its actually quite a good team of players. On the other hand, they tried to name a "2nd Team" and its a complete joke! Chris Carrieri made the 2nd team list!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha.
-Looks like the Crew are going to sign KC midfielder Steven Armstrong. I always liked his play, and wished my Thunder would have picked him up last year when KC dropped him.
-Glenn Davis had a pretty good story the other day in the Houston Chronicle about the ongoing San Jose saga, and a little on the San Antonio & Kansas City saga's too.
-Last years loan of Juan Roman Riquelme from Barca to Villareal has become a full transfer. This is great news for Villareal as they try and do some damage in the Champions League next year for the first time ever. BTW, did you see that free kick JRR slammed home the other night for Argentina in the demolition job they pulled on Brazil? Wow! Why can't he always be that good?
-The other Argentinean star from the big win over Brazil was Hernan Crespo. He is going to be loaned by Chelsea to AC Milan for a second season.
-My favorite young American defender Chad Marshall will not be on the field for Columbus this weekend (one more reason not to watch that hideous looking match up between them and Colorado). "He had a ligament torn off of his finger in the game on Saturday night....." The match was against Chile's Universidad Catolica. That has to hurt badly. I have broken several fingers over the years and know how much that sucks.


Anonymous Bill said...

What's up with Kovac? He moved from Bayern to Juve, no? I haven't seen anything about him moving on to Roma...

11:41 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

yer a frickin genius
thanks for correcting me
i was reading an article about bayern players and it talked about kuffor going to roma, and then in the next paragraoh it said "Joining him in Italy next season will be Robert Kovac......"
so i ran with it as "joining him"
instead of reading the rest of the sentence properly which finished with "....who has signed with Juventus."

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Bill said...

I figured you just got the reference mixed up. No biggie.

Oh, and stop raggin' on Chris Carrieri. :)

6:45 PM  
Blogger Kevin-- said...

The only list Carrieri should ever be on is the "players we'e happy to no longer have on the payroll" list.

12:55 PM  

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