Friday, May 20, 2005

Rankings & Reasonings for Friday May 20

Number & Why:
01 New England - The kings. Has any team ever started a MLS season this strong. What else do you want me to say?
02 FC Dallas - Now the test begins. Many road games before their new home opens in early August, and without Ruiz and Johnson for many of them. Not to mention the season long loss of Mulrooney.
03 Los Angeles - Back at home again where they feel safe and snuggley. No wonder Landon likes being there. Maybe the whole team is dating his girlfriend and they hate to leave her.
04 San Jose - They just got hammered by injuries. Weibel and Dayak out for the season, Ching and Mullen out for a month. Chung (not Ching) comes in to add something. They play at LA, not good news. Which means they will probably win big.
05 Kansas City - Here they come. You just knew the quality was going to start showing up. Lets see if they can play consistently now.
06 DC United - No reason for them to be this stinky.
07 Chicago - Boring.
08 Real Salt Lake - They won 2 in a row at home. Not bad. Although I hear Mathis got into it with his own teammates the other night at the game ended. What is his deal. I bet they have medication for it.
09 Metrostars - So you get a whole slew of games at home to start the season and you can't win any of them, yet you go on the road and have two great wins. Huh? I really can't figure this team out.
10 Colorado - Ugh. PLAY JEFF CUNNINGHAM!!!!!
11 Chivas - Still playing like Goatboy from Saturday Night Live. They must be paying Ramon Ramierez a lot of money to keep his mouth shut about how bad this team really is.
12 Columbus - 4-0 losers at home! Does anyone go to these games anymore. I have said this before, but during their 18 game unbeaten streak last year I still didn't think they were any good.

Metrostars v New England at 3pm central time on ESPN2
DC United v Kansas City at 6:30pm central time on Fox Soccer Channel


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