Monday, May 16, 2005

From A Proud Englishman

(words from a dear friend and reader Chuch)

As you will know the wonderful Mr Glazer is buying or has bought or is about to buy Man Utd…You will probably also know that fans, who seem to all hate him, gathered and marched round Old Trafford last night [Thursday] as they chanted things like "man utd not for sale" - a blindingly stupid thing to sing when you are a publicly limited company of course but perhaps the poor dears only ever got as far as the word pub in publicly limited...anyway they also displayed that innate talent for dumb humour that football fans do very well - For example: the massed ranks of Portsmouth signing [no matter who they are playing or what the score] "stand if you hate the scum, stand up if you hate the scum" [to the tune of go west by the pet shop boys] and "one man went to kill, went to kill a scummer" [scum is Southampton of course], anyway last night the fans sang this little ditty; "he's going to die, he's going to die, Malcolm Glazer is going to die, how I'll kill I don't know, cut him up from head to toe, all I know is glazer's going to die".... does not really scan and is not particularly funny other than how dumb and retarded it is and the fact that this is being sung by the fans of the club this dude has just sunk 300 million of his own cash plus a further 270 million of borrowings [which has gotta hurt balance wise] into and here are the fans not only not liking him or his investment but seeming to enjoy w/ a degree of relish the concept of slicing him from head to toe.....
Still makes me proud to be an Englishman!!


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