Friday, April 22, 2005

Yowza Yowza, The News After Its Been Sent Thru The Mig-filter

-In Serie A we now have a tie for the lead as Milan beat Cheivo 1-0 and Juve lost to my Inter 1-0. I would put my money on Milan to take it, cuz they are on a serious roll.
-PSV will play either Ajax or Willem II on May 29 for the Amstel Cup.
-Remember a couple weeks ago when I chastised the guys from Fox Football Friday over their constant beating on Graeme Souness the Newcastle manager. I thought he was doing a good job and handling some awful players in the correct manner? Well, I take almost all of it back. He still did a good job in getting rid of that cretin Craig Bellamy, but he should have axed Bowyer and Dier too. The real kicker is that their are only 6 teams worse than them in the Prem. That's really bad for a team with that much talent and support. Sorry Graeme, you gotta go.
-The Premiership relegation battle looks like this (all teams play 38 total games and the bottom three go down, ties are settled by lowest goal differential):
rank team games points goal diff
15 Fulham 33 35 -14
16 Portsmouth 34 35 -15
17 West Brom 33 29 -21
18 Southampton 34 28 -18
19 Crystal Palace 34 27 -22
20 Norwich 34 27 -30
-More from Tobias Lopez in Fort Worth, this time on the near total deficiency of minority hiring in MLS coaching & upper management. Hell, even Chivas has a white guy for a head coach. Do MLS front offices not know that they need some international flavor in their ranks if the really want to connect with the minority immigrant fans.
-It looks like Eddie Gaven might actually play this weekend. He had gruesomely broken a finger a couple weeks back when playing for the USA U-20 squad. It required surgery, and three pins to hold it together.
-Here is some big and potentially huge news.....Setanta, the people who bring us most of the Pay Per View matches are launching their own channel here in the USA via DIRECTV. Hopefully they will expand to other dish and cable providers. Do you realize that we will now have 3 networks dedicated just to showing the beautiful game in America.
-Seth Trembly has joined RSL
-It looks to me like PSV can win the Eredivisie title with a win on Saturday.
-Also - PSV are known as De Boeren. Does anyone know what that means?
-The cueball-goalkeeper-in-a-fur-coat known as Fab Barthez of Marseille has been slapped with a 3 month suspension for spitting on a referee. He got off lucky considering he could have gotten a full year off. The incident happened on February 12 during a friendly with Wydad Casablanca in Morocco. Fab wasn't even in the game when it happened. He was sitting on the bench, so he actually had to run on the field an spit at the man. Peckerhead!


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