Friday, April 08, 2005

Very Little News

-Seattle's excellent defender Danny Jackson blew out his knee while on trial with Real Salt Lake (they weren't going to sign him). What a drag for him and Seattle fans.
-During the U17 tourney in Korea, Metrostars boy wonder Eddie "Money" Gaven broke a finger quite badly. Yesterday he had surgery on it. They put pins in to help repair the bone. I have had three broken fingers in my life, so i know how much it hurts, but that must have been really badly broken for it to need pins. No thank you. He's supposed to be out a couple weeks. Luckily for the squad, the Mets don't play this weekend.


Blogger Kevin-- said...

Bummer about Jackson. He's the only one up there that's tolerable. Without him maintaining the last shred of respectability the Flounders had, look for even more hacking and cheap shots from these clowns. Sleazebags.....

8:42 PM  

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