Monday, April 11, 2005

Tidbits Of News

-Samuel Eto'o and his Barcelona teammates lost to Real Madrid 4-2 on Sunday. Even worse, Eto'o will also lose at least the next 10 days on this career seeing as he tweaked his knee late in the game. So far the injury doesn't look serious.
-The Real-Barca game was very entertaining. It started with Puyol and Raul bashing heads while going for a loose ball. Raul got stitches. Puyol did not. Next it was Ronaldo crossing beautifully for Zidane to get the first goal as he dove low to head the ball home, and followed thru by bouncing his head off the post. Ouch! After that Beckham whizzed in another of his gorgeous free kicks and watched Fat Ronny cruise thru the defense to head home. Eto'o scored a beauty for Barca to make it fun. Owen had a great breakaway goal. And Raul trickled one in to finish Barca off. Of course it couldn't end without Ronaldinho adding some supreme skill to the action. He touched a free kick over the wall and perfectly into the top corner. Wow, that guy is amazing! Good fun!
-Stevie G suffered the notorious "groin strain", and is not gonna play for Liverpool this week when they travel to Juve for the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal.
-In the always wild Hearts v Celtic Scottish Cup semifinal, Hearts fans booed the moment of silence set aside before the match to commemorate the death of the Pope. And while the mean bastard in me finds it really funny, it's just not.
-MLS madness in week 2 (analysis coming later): LA 3 - RSL 1; NE 3 - Columbus 0; Colorado 0 - Dallas 0; San Jose 3 - Chivas 3; DC 1 - Chicago 1


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