Monday, April 11, 2005

Holy Shit - They Fired Peter Wilt!?!? (Maybe Not?) (Oh Yes They Did!)

What is going on down in Chicago?? Fire Peter Wilt? What kind of sense does that make?
Chicago was always known as by far the most fan friendly team, and now their main architect is being replaced by the Vice President of the worst run team in the league.
Who is running this show?
Michael Lewis at Big Apple Soccer broke this one wide open!
I will keep following up on this and post all the articles I can find, right here.

added at 4:28pm - supposedly from a Chicago Fire press release (which I have not actually seen yet):
"The Chicago Fire announced that John Guppy has been named President & Chief Executive Officer of the MLS club, effective immediately. As President & CEO of the Fire, Guppy will oversee all front-office staff and business operations, including the Fire's new stadium project in Bridgeview. Peter Wilt, who has served at the helm of the organization since the team's inception in 1997, will retain the title of General Manager while overseeing all team personnel matters and assisting Guppy during the transition period."

added at 11:25pm - The above statement was indeed taken from an official Chicago Fire press release. But before I bring you the entire release I wanted you to see the words directly from Peter J Wilt himself. He is not being fired, but you can clearly see from the emotion of his words that this was not his choice, and it pains him greatly. It also seems clear that he will not be with the team very long as the General Manager. I fully expect him to move on as soon as possible. I know I would. The proof of his leaving is in his own words: "....Once the transition is successful, I will be able to consider new challenges."
Now compare and contrast his words with those of the "Chicago Fire Executive Management Entity" (I made this name up cuz I didn't what else to call it). The difference is there. I feel for those long time Fire fans. You are getting the raw end of this one.
He didn't jump with a parachute or get bumped up to first class, he was pushed out the back emergency exit.

added 1:50pm on Tue Apr 12 - Here's an inside account of an emergency supporters meeting held last night. Peter Wilt showed up, and talked to the faithful in attendance. Bill Quigley from the Fire fan site, The Fire Alarm, did a great job writing the words. The key to the article comes a few paragraphs from the end where Quigley makes it very clear that Wilt is already looking for a new job, and will be gone sooner, rather than later.
Of course the lunatics from have all been going wild for about 24 straight hours now. I did manage to find a few gems in all the posts.
Here are two (first and second) that I think best describe the supporters meeting.
Lastly I feel like I need to inject some humor here, in the form of a visual treat. A poster came up with a comparison that I think is so right-on that it makes me a little sick.


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