Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ryan Suarez, World Class Cheap Shot Artist, Hurts Himself During Game

During the match last Saturday in L.A. against Chivas, FC Dallas scored the winner on a Carlos Ruiz PK after Ryan Suarez dragged him down in the penalty box.
Of course Suarez was booked for the take down, but that was the least of his punishment.
The real reprimand was handed out when Suarez slammed his head straight into his own keeper, Brad Guzan, and appeared to hurt himself badly.
After the two collided Suarez rolled onto his back clutching his head, then rolled back onto his stomach, and laid very still as if he had been shot dead.
They say he was knocked out, but I just can't see it, seeing as he was able to roll over not once, but twice. Now, he may have suffered a nasty concussion, but I have seen "knocked out", and this he was not.
Oh I know that people will see me as unsympathetic, but it's basically a fact that Suarez is a world class cheap shot artist, diver, and crybaby. And on this particular play, it looked to me that as Ruiz went to the ground, Suarez tried to intentionally hurt him by diving, as hard as he could, straight at him in an attempt to land with all his weight right on top of Ruiz. Suarez didn't try to break his fall at all, but unfortunately for Suarez he kind of bounced off Ruiz and his momentum carried him head first into Guzan's chest and shoulder.
It looked pretty bad, and I do feel bad that the guy got hurt, (I also hear his wife is about to have a baby and this is the last thing she needs) but maybe it's true that you reap what you sew.


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