Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not So Much News, As Just My Loudmouth Views

-Costa Rica gave their coach the boot (just like Trinidad & Tobago had done a few days before). Jorge Luis Pinto will be replaced by former CR head man Alexandre Guimaraes.
-Former Minnesota Thunder defender Mark Schulte signed with Columbus last week, and got the start in the season opener (3-0 win over LA).....Schulte played the full 90 at right back and seems to have earned lots of fine marks from coach and fans alike. I personally like Schulte, he is a nice guy and works his ass off. From watching a tape of the game, he did a really good job, especially his passing out of the back. This is all very cool for him. The hard work, the years spent in the A-League, and a year in Iceland are paying off. Plus he gets to start in the back three with the leagues best young defender, Chad Marshall, and the leagues best old defender, Robin Fraser.
-Idiots! Those two immature fools at Newcastle were at it again on Saturday. Lee Bowyer, the racist bastard that he is, got in a fight with his own teammate during the match. He punched Kieron Dyer, the loafer who only plays for himself, a couple times. Dyer deserves it. Probably not as much as Bowyer though, who needs a serious beat-down. And certainly not during a game! What fools. They both got sent off by the referee, and will get suspended for several games each. Their coach, Graham Souness, may not be the best manager in the world, but he doesn't take any crap from players, and I don't expect he will now either. Earlier this year, when Souness took over the team from the ancient Bobby Robson, he was heavily criticized for his arguments with "Star attraction" Craig Bellamy. Souness shipped Craigy-boy off to Scotland, which led to the "Experts" calling Souness every variation of Moron. Newcastle stunk before this episode with Bellamy. Now they don't. You tell me who the Moron is? And lastly, those two clowns who do the Fox Football Friday show, should stop for a minute on the air, and publicly admit they were dead wrong about who was at fault between Souness and Bellamy (cuz they pounded Souness mercilessly for weeks about it).
-I know I give the Mexicans a lot of crap, but really its more out of good humored respect. Sure, they have had their fare share of punks (Blanco, Garcia Aspe, Rafa Marquez, Luna, Luis Hernandez....), but they have also had tons of great players. My current favorite is Jared Borgetti. He is like a step up from Brian McBride in my book. A little more speed & flash, and he is just more accurate around the goal. I think he could play on any team in the world with his skill. Don't forget to keep your eye on Borgetti's latest strike partner, and the deadly left winger too: Francisco Fonseca and Jamie Lozano. I also really like their keeper Oswaldo Sanchez. Lastly I want to tip the hat in the direction of their veteran midfielder Pavel Pardo. He seems like a classy guy, who always shows respect to the opponent no matter how heated the rivalry is.
-Edson Buddle of Columbus was named MLS player of the week. He scored two in the win over the Galaxy.


Blogger Zathras said...

Dyer and Bowyer are idiots. Bowyer will be gone by summer, but for some reason Dyer isn't being blamed? Still, if Graeme Souness remains, I'd expect him to go sooner rather than later as well. I still hope that someone gets their head out of their ass and fires that guy. I don't know who'd replace him, but I want him OUT.

As for Mexico, I gotta agree, I like Borgetti, and the goal he scored against Italy in the world cup still boggles my mind. And Pardo to me seems to be an unsung hero of sorts. Not the first name on the team sheet, but always there, and always going about his play in a workmanlike, professional manner. He's been there forever, 110 odd caps. Is he the captain these days?

12:38 PM  
Blogger Zathras said...

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12:38 PM  
Blogger Zathras said...

Lovely, it said there was an error and then posted it twice.

12:47 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

mexico's el capitan is rafa "running, launching, punching & kicking, headbutt" marquez

And yeah that borgetti goal against italy in WC02 was otherworldly! Thanks for the reminder on that one

7:41 PM  

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