Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday Afternoon Weekend Backtrack News

-Clint Dempsey sprang one of his wild diving headers for the game winner on Saturday night in DC. Then he did one of the best goal scorers celebrations I have ever seen. He used that baseball diamond on the RFK field as his prop. He ran to where home plate would be, settled into the batters box, and cranked the imaginary pitch into the upper deck seats!
-Eddie Lewis had to have his appendix removed and will not play for Preston again this season. This seems to be quite a blow to Preston who are trying to get promoted from the Championship League to the Premiership.
-MLS continues to be second rate on ESPN. The LA derby on Saturday night was delayed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long when the NFL draft coverage ran overtime by about an hour! An hour! Finally they tape delayed the whole game after the NFL coverage. But as Joe J points out ESPN rubbed an infection into our wounds by running their stupid sports scoreboard ticker across the bottom of the screen with real time scores from the match, showing LA going up 1-0, then 2-0 and finally 3-0 before we got to see any of it. To quote Joe: "Thanks, ESPN. Shitheads!" MLS needs to get out of the cycle of this horrible third world treatment by "The Sports Leader".
-The Galaxy-Goats game, by the way, was fabulous for the Galaxy fans like myself. A 3-1 win. The first half was an absolute ass-kicking.
-Did you see the goal by Wayne Rooney on Saturday against Newcastle. The goal was amazing. A serious bomb! Go find it on line or something.
-With a win on Saturday, Sunderland won automatic promotion to the Premiership for next year. Good luck to the Irishman in charge, Mick McCarthy.
-In Serie A, Milan beat Parma 3-0 & Juve beat Lazio 1-0 to remain tied at the top of the table. Both teams have 73 points with 5 games left to play. The biggest match will be when they face each other on May 8 at the San Siro.
-Dallas is sitting at the top of the MLS standings, but because their new stadium was not ready to open on time, the schedule laid out in front of them has seven of the next eight matches on the road. Its starts off with the hardest of them all - at LA. Here are the games Dallas play over the next two months:
Apr 30 at Los Angeles
May 07 at Kansas City
May 14 at San Jose
May 18 vs Colorado
May 22 at Chivas USA
May 28 at DC United
Jun 04 at Real Salt Lake
Jun 12 at Chicago
-More Dallas news: Cornell Glen has been sent to Columbus. And Ecuadorian Roberto Mina has officially signed with the team after his visa was cleared.
-Bob Bradley seems to be feeling a heavy strain from the horrid start to the season for his Metro (and as Hoffa creeps nearer). He got into some sort of uncomfortable exchange with a journalist after another home match without a win on Friday night (0-1 loss to Chicago).
-I am now going to continue my rant from last week about ESPN TV Coverage. ESPN2 will only be showing one of the two Champions League Semifinals this week. Wednesday's Chelsea-Liverpool match is live at 1:30pm central time, but Tuesday's Milan-PSV match is not being shown (Hey ESPN - You Suck!) Luckily both of next weeks return legs will be shown. So why show only one the first week and then both the next? What is the point? I guess it much be because ESPN SUCKS!


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