Thursday, April 07, 2005

Aaah, Yellope (that's how my aunt says Hello)

-The beloved Carlos Llamosa was out of contract last Thursday at midnight. His club, New England never tried to negotiate a new one with him. So for now he is done. He blew out his knee last year and many thought he would call it quits then, but he has been working himself back into game shape. It's possible that NE will now try to get him signed at a much cheaper price. Or he might end up on another team. He is 35 years old, and says he still wants to play.
-Ives Galarcep from the North Jersey Herald extrapolates on the ins and outs of MLS as the season begins - Ives is one of my favorite writers.
-It's finally been made official - USA v Trinidad & Tobago In Hartford CT on August 17 at 7pm central time
-Champions League Quarterfinal first leg scores: Lyon 1 - PSV 1, Liverpool 2 - Juventus 1, Chelsea 4 - Bayern Munchen 2, Milan 2 - Inter 0
-Champions Cup Semifinal first leg score: DC United 1 - Pumas UNAM 1 (The other Semifinal, Saprissa vs Monterrey, is being played tonite. You can catch it live on Fox Soccer Channel at 9:30pm Central time)
-Guess what. Cameroon get to wear those crazy one piece body suits after all. You may not remember this, but last year they tried to wear these one piece uni's from Puma during the African Nations Cup, but FIFA said NO WAY JOSE, cuz they were too form fitting! This coming from the same organization that only 6 months prior, had suggested that women's soccer would become much more popular if only the teams would wear sexier outfits! Don't you just love a good old fashioned sexist hypocrite - Meet Your Perverted Neighbor Sepp Blatter. Luckily for all of us, a court has ruled that Cameroon can go ahead and be as sexy as they wanna be in their "leotards". Go Dudes Go.
-Columbus coach Greg Andrulis heaping praise on our boy Mark Schulte: "he looks like a big galooka." (I always thought it was "galoot")
-Speaking of Columbus, what is up with the color of Simon Elliots (quickly vanishing) hair. It's some sort of weird yellow. Or maybe it's just my TV, cuz no one would go out in public with hair that nasty looking (unless yer a crusty old punker dude).


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