Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thursday News Blurts

-USA U-20 Team lost to home team South Korea 1-0 as part of the World Youth Championship warm-up tournament taking place in Suwon.
-Young American Stuart Holden recently signed with Sunderland, and has been playing with the reserves. But 10 days ago he was badly injured in a fight outside a bar in Newcastle. The story goes that he was attacked for no reason. The damage? He suffered a nasty fractured left eye socket. He had surgery on Monday to repair his face. He could be out of action for a while which will not be good for his long term chances at Sunderland - his contract only runs until the end of this season. So if he can't get back on the field, will he be resigned? That is the big question now.
-One of Americas senior most soccer writers is Paul Gardner. He can be pretty abrasive, but I find him to also be pretty damn accurate. He has a great article in the New York Sun about the Mexican & American psyche going into Sundays big match
-In another paper called the Sun, this one from San Bernardino California, a writer has decided to drive down to Mexico City for the match, and write about the travels. Here is part one.
-FC Dallas is trying to lure Kenny Cooper back to Texas from Manchester United. He has only played with the United Reserves, but was named the Reserve player of the year last season, and is currently on loan with Oldham.
-Clint Mathis & Joe Cannon did not make the team for the Mexico match.
-Danny Califf has been sent from LA to San Jose for future considerations. Steve Sampson has completely cleaned house in LA, and Alexi Lalas continues to sign his old teammates from LA to come play for him in San Jose. Which one will prove to be the bigger sucker.
-Australia have weasled their way out of the Oceania Confederation and are now officially part of the Asian Football Confederation. New Zealand are left as top dogs now......Oh wait, I guess that would be Vanuatu with the crown in Oceania.
-Other USA players that had been in training camp that were released back to their club teams this week: Ritchie Kotschau, Nat Borchers, Brian Mullan, and Kyle Martino.
-The Sports Illustrated web site has become even a bigger joke this week. About 6 weeks ago, they dropped their soccer page and lumped it in with "Other Sports". But as of today if you want to read a story by their soccer columnist (and very cool guy) Grant Wahl, you have to become a "SI Extra member". To be entitled to this privilege you either have to be a subscriber to their substandard magazine, or pay $5. Fug it.


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