Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Its the News you Cooze

-MLS kicks off this weekend for the 10th season. Can you believe that, TEN! Pretty cool. Catch some opening day action (April 2) on TV - DC United at Chivas USA, live from Home Deport Center in LA at 2:00pm central time on ABC. Yes, you are reading that correctly, the game is on a standard, over the airwaves, broadcast network.
-Later that same day you can see LA at Columbus on Fox Soccer Channel & HDNet at 6:30pm central time.
-Colorado has signed three foreign veterans to their squad: Englishman Terry Cooke, Jamaican Wolde Harris, and Cameroonian Alain Nkong.
-Egg-headed Fabien Barthez of Marseille spit at a referee during a match recently and it looks like he will be suspended for the rest of the year (natch). But his coach "The Equally Brilliant & Esteemed" Philippe Troussier says, "....his suspension will distort the French Ligue 1 title race." No shit Sherlock. Did you figure that one out on your own, or did you use an abacus. But guess what dude, he blew it for you. Don't blame the game, blame the loser who spit at a referee. And if this is what costs you the title, then maybe you should fine the guy heavily as well. But to point fingers at anyone else is childish.
-Chicago is not going to be starting the season on a full tank of very expensive gasoline. Besides the sale of their big bruising goal scorer Damani Ralph to the inventor of the Rubin sandwich, they have an ugly looking injury list with four potential starters on the table: Caballero, Samuel - R hamstring strain - Questionable, Guerrero, Mario Ivan - R hamstring strain - Questionable, Sanneh, Tony - R hip and hamstring strain - Out, Thorrington, John - L hamstring strain - Questionable.
-Myself and a few fellow addicts will be in Kansas City this Saturday for the season Opener against Colorado. Come say "HI!". This will be our 3rd annual trip.


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