Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Anthony Is Right, Dammit!

Since Monday I have not really wanted to write anything about soccer, cuz Sunday was just too painful. I got myself whipped into a state where I just thought the USA were really gonna do it down in Mexico this time. Then my mind went into defense mode, to keep me from reliving that ugly match over and over again, thus sending me into the abyss.
Today Anthony luckily sent me an email to snap me out of my trance.
It goes like this:
You need to get something else up there on Du Nord, man. I don't want to keep lookin' at that analysis of the Mexico game. You could put up our recent record against them. In the past five years (ten games) our record is:
6 wins
3 losses
1 draw
12 goals scored
4 goals conceded

OK, that looks better.
I will have some news in a little while.
Thanks Anthony, a good kick in the ass is what we all need sometimes.


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