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Some Soccer News for Jun 19, 2017

It's Day 170 of 2017.

Minnesota United

-Sat Jun 17
Salt Lake 1-0 Minnesota

My MNUFC Notes:
  • Game highlights - literally ALL Salt Lake. There isn't a single Minnesota attacking clip in the 4 minutes.
  • Where do you even start with a game like this?
  • Loons started the game in 4-2-3-1. Then shifted to 4-3-3, which has never worked for this team.
  • 3 minutes after the shift they got scored on.
  • MU used 1 sub - 1 sub at elevation!
  • Where was the bench? They only took 18 players and 2 were injured.
  • Outshot 29-5 - on target 9-1
  • It was The Inept v The Terrible.
  • NRV = No Redeeming Value.
  •  MU caught offside twice on set pieces.
  • All that work gone in a flash: Shuttleworth made 8 good saves, then blows an easy one to give away the game - Ramirez and Cronin gave up on play too.
  • Iron fucking skillet!
  • Shuttleworth good, until he wasn't.
  • Ibson good.
  • Thiesson ok.
  • Kallman ok.
  • Cronin good in 1st half, invisible in 2nd half.
  • Calvo messy.
  • Ramirez, Molino, Ibarra, Danladi, all invisible.
  • KVenegas good to see him on the field again, but the mustache appeared to be messing with his crossing abilities.
  • Schuller who?
  • It wasn't the defensive 4 alone who did not slow down RSL. It was the whole team. No one in front of the centerbacks slowed anyone down.
  • Manny Lagos and Amos Magee have to be under tremendous pressure to get several quality players into this roster asap. They need 5-6 players. Will they get more than 1 or 2? This is important stuff.
  • The Loons have dropped to the bottom of the overall league standings. Not good.
  • The loss was the first of 5 games in 17 days. Big trouble for a team with such a thin roster.
  • Other teams have figured out how to shut down the Minnesota offense. No re-adjustments from the Minn except reverting to defensive shell which does not work when you can't generate any offense.

Some more scary stats:
  • 7 goals scored and 14 allowed in all comps since Apr 23 - 9 games.
  • Last 5 games its 2 scored and 10 allowed.
  • Only 5 teams have scored less goals.
  • 1 team has given up more goals.
  • Least amount of points in the league - 14.
  • Only team in league that is averaging less than 1 point per game - 0.93.

(skip it - you don't want to read it anyway)

Schedule (2 this week):
-Wed Jun 21
Minnesota v Portland - 7:00pm CT on My29.
-Sat Jun 24
Minnesota v Vancouver - 7:00pm CT on My29.

Marc Burch has gone to a see a medical specialist about what has for weeks been called a groin injury. By Megan Ryan for the Star Tribune.

Heavy equipment is on the scene in St Paul and construction has begun on the new Minn United stadium. [BRIEF VIDEO]



Friendly schedule:
-Sat Jul 1
USA v Ghana - 3:45pm CT on ESPN
Rentschler Field, East Hartford

Gold Cup roster to be announced on Jun 27.


CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying:

Hexagonal results:
Matchday 5
-Thu Jun 8
USA 2-0 T+T
Costa Rica 0-0 Panama
Mexico 3-0 Honduras
Matchday 6
-Sun Jun 11
Mexico 1-1 USA
-Tue Jun 13
Panama 2-2 Honduras
Costa Rica 2-1 T+T

Hexagonal Standings:
(6 of 10 games played)
14 Mexico (+7)
11 Costa Rica (+5)
8 USA (+3)
7 Panama (0)
5 Honduras (-8)
3 Trinidad +Tobago (-7)

Matchdays 7 + 8 will be played Fri Sep 1 + Tue Sep 5 - USA v Costa Rica and at Honduras



My MLS Notes:
  • Josef Martinez is really really good. And he is back in the Atlanta lineup.
  • Chicago wins ON THE ROAD AGAIN! Sticking right behind Toronto for best in the league.
  • Montreal has another guy to go along side Ignacio Piatti now! Look out - Blerim Dzemaili is for real.
  • DC is nearly as bad as Minnesota right now. Its a race to the bottom.
  • Alan frickin Gordon! 3 wins in a row for Colorado.
  • BWP gets 2 late goals after missing about 60 chances. At least he got 'em.

David Villa is the best MLS import since Robbie Keane. By Matt Pentz for the Guardian.
  • Giovinco has been better than Villa in my book.


Week 16 schedule/results:
(11 games)
-Sat Jun 17
New York City 2-1 Seattle
Atlanta 3-1 Columbus
New England 1-2 Chicago
Orlando 3-3 Montreal
Toronto 2-0 DC
San Jose 0-0 Kansas City
Colorado 2-1 Portland
Salt Lake 1-0 Minnesota
Vancouver 1-1 Dallas
LA 2-2 Houston
-Sun Jun 18
Philadelphia 0-2 New York RB

30 goals in 11 games = 2.7 goals per game.



  • Does anyone actually care? Tell me if you do.
  • It seems that the Russian people do not care. The stands were quite empty for the first two games.
  • I watched Mexico v Portugal on Sunday and it was a decent game. The VAR came in to play.
  • Later Sunday I watched Chile v Cameroon and again the VAR was used. But after getting the correct call the 1st time and disallowing a Chile goal, they got it wrong the 2nd time and gave Chile a goal that should have been stopped for offside.

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