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Some Soccer News for May 3, 2017

It's Day 123 of 2017.

Happy Birthday to James Brown, Bing Crosby, Golda Meir, Niccolo Machiavelli, Nina Garcia, Sugar Ray Robinson, Pete Seeger, Doug Henning, and John Lewis. Oh, and me and my friend Doug Silverman and my student worker Becca. Happy Birthday one and all.


Mental health is no joke. It is an illness. Its can get all of us. It is not because someone is weak. Please reach out for help if you need it. And just as importantly, please reach out to someone who you think could use your help.



Upper hand to Real. By Jose Felix Diaz for Marca.

1st Leg
-Tue May 2
Real Madrid 3-0 Atletico Madrid
-Wed May 3
Monaco v Juventus - 1:45pm CT on FS1.
2nd Leg
-Tue May 9
Juventus v Monaco
-Wed May 10
Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid (0-3)



Yesterday I wrote about MNUFC needing to get playing time for the young players - Joe Greenspan has been named to USL team of the week for his strong defensive efforts for Pittsburgh while on loan.

NEWS FLASH: The team practiced outside on grass today!

-Sun May 7
Minnesota v Kansas City - 12:30pm CT on FS1



Two huge midweek games, featuring 4 of very best teams, that should be highlighted and shown on national TV - and they are both tonight. See sched below.

David Villa has signed a contract extension with NYC.

An actual breakdown of why the LA Galaxy is breaking down. By Jeff Carlisle for ESPNFC.

Week 10 Schedule/Results:

-Wed May 3
Toronto v Orlando - 6:30pm CT on MLS Live
KC v New York RB - 7:30pm CT on MLS Live
-Fri May 5
Colorado v Vancouver
-Sat May 6
Seattle v Toronto - 2:00pm CT on ESPN
DC v Montreal
Philadelphia v New York RB
Columbus v New England
Houston v Orlando
Salt Lake v Dallas
LA v Chicago
San Jose v Portland
-Sun May 7
Minnesota v KC - 12:30pm CT on FS1
New York City v Atlanta - 3:00pm CT on Univision


Joe Bendik of Orlando City Named MLS Player Of The Month for April.


Knowledge: du Nord Music Mix Vol 122 (download + extract)


CONCACAF U17 Men World Cup Qualifying and Championship:

April 21 - May 7 in Panama.

Big game today for the USA! Against Honduras

2nd Stage
Group D Schedule/Results:
-Mon May 1
Honduras 7-1 Cuba - 3:30pm CT
-Wed May 3
USA v Honduras - 1:30pm CT
-Fri May 5
USA v Cuba - 3:30pm CT
  • All games can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (CONCACAF channels) and UniDep.

Group E Schedule/Results:
-Mon May 1
Costa Rica 2-1 Panama
-Wed May 3
Mexico v Panama
-Fri May 5
Mexico v Costa Rica

Tournament Format:
  • 2nd Group stage (round robin) - 2 groups of 3 teams - top two qualify for World Cup
  • Final - 1st place teams in each group play for CONCACAF championship.
  • Championship game is played on Sun May 7.
  • World Cup is Oct 6-28 in India.



Bobby Wood and Hamburger are both struggling at the wrong time. He with injuries and the team with a relegation battle. By Mike Woitalla for Soccer America.

Fab Johnson is slowly recovering from his hamstring injury, the latest in a string of muscle issues. Good news:

Carli Lloyd and Pep Guardiola live in the same building and are texting buddies. Not bad at all. By Grant Wahl for Sports Illustrated.


I have felt this way for a while now and never stop seeing more proof - the new FIFA is exactly like the old one. And that will never change. By Marina Hyde for the Guardian.

The Bird Is The Word


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