Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Some Soccer News for Jul 19, 2016

It's Day 201 of 2016.

One of the rarest of 1970s New York musicians was Alan Vega. Without being anything like our modern interpretation of  punk, Vega was more punk then all of the NY and London punks put together. His band with Martin Rev was called Suicide, and their music could make the hair on your neck stick straight out. An amazing, unnatural, electro-charged, unhinged variation of minimal rock n roll. Last weekend Vega passed away at age 78. Rest In Power Ghost Rider.
  • Vega's obituary by Jon Pareles of the New York Times.



In just 10 days Bob Bradley and Le Havre (HAC) begin their first full season together. Opening game of the new Ligue 2 season is Fri Jul 29 at Orleans.


Michel of Rayo OKC Named NASL Player Of The Week

Estefania Banini of Washington Spirit Named NWSL Player Of The Week

Diego Valeri of Portland Timbers Named MLS Player Of The Week

Memo Rodriguez of Rio Grande Valley Named USL Player Of The Week


Wednesday night! US Open Cup Quarterfinals:
  • New England Revolution v Philadelphia Union
  • Chicago Fire v Fort Lauderdale Strikers
  • Houston Dynamo v Dallas
  • LA Galaxy v Seattle Sounders


Who's Hot and who's cold in the current USMNT player pool. By Doug McIntyre of ESPNFC.


Are German teams getting sucked into the stupid game of throwing transfer money at players on a gamble the way teams do in England? Pragmatism can get easily distracted by loud noises and shiny flashing colors. But this is not what made the Bundesliga so successful. By Stefan Bienkowski of Deutshe Welle.


My political advice to everyone: Beware the fearmongers.

The Bird Is The Word


Blogger DrewVT6 said...

Thanks for the political advice! I was going to vote for the media darling until you reminded me of their fear mongering ways. If I didn't get your advice I would have believed that we need to stop Hitler from taking America into the dark ages of slavery, no-women voting and wild west shoot-outs. Keep up the good work.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiya DrewVT6

I have no idea if you are sincere or winding me up or joking or anything.
But in case I needed to clarify my words at all, I simply mean that whenever I turn on the TV or read a newspaper all I seem to get from every direction is FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. This person is this and if you vote for them then this will happen. That person is that and if you vote for them that will happen. etc etc ad nauseum. Its all finger pointing to the extreme. And its exhausting. Hope that helps.
Thanks for your words too.

3:33 PM  

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