Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Some Soccer News for Feb 10, 2016

It's Day 41 of 2016.

Alejandro Bedoya Strikes Again! Bedoya scored another goal for Nantes, this time late (118 min) in extra time to beat Bordeaux 3-4 in the Quarterfinals of the Coupe de France. See it here.
  • If the USA plays the next World Cup qualifier and doesn't use the midfield of Johnson-Jones-Bradley-Bedoya I'm gonna lose my mind.


(don't even bother reading the headline of this article)
For the past few years US Soccer has used a completely different model for improving soccer and especially soccer coaching - so what is this upgrade? By Amanda Ripley of The Atlantic. Thanks to Grant Wahl for the heads up.
  • A tweet from the man leading this change of theory:


An incredibly in-depth three part series on other ways US Soccer is looking to drastically improve its Development Academy: PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3. By Liviu Bird of Sports Illustrated.


It has been confirmed that Minnesota United will not have to jump through any weird hoops to bring players with them to MLS. (We all know about the ridiculously complicated MSL roster rules.) By Brian Quarstad of Northern Pitch.


New famous owners are pushing the expansion of NASL faster and and farther then ever before. By Jack Williams of the Guardian.


Columbus Crew going for a fairly different look with its 2nd jersey. From Footy Headlines.


Columbus centerback Michael Parkhurst writes an article in which he describes the horrible feeling of losing MLS Cup (for the 4th time!) and how you go about the next (this) preseason. From ESPNFC.


A profile of the brilliant underground comic book writer and illustrator Daniel Clowes. by Robert Ito of The California Sunday Magazine.


Even politicians in England are getting involved in the discussion over rising ticket prices. By James Riach of the Guardian.
-After days of unrest Liverpool ownership says they have heard the voices of the fans and that ticket prices will be frozen for the next 2 years. From the Liverpool Echo.

The Bird Is The Word


Blogger Nordy said...

Really want Jones and Bradley together? I feel like that's a combo that's never worked out well. Bradley's best performances (imo) have been with Beckerman playing in the pure defensive role. Unfortunately, JK hasn't given anyone else a consistent run to see who works best as his new partner.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its certainly not my dream match up but its what i figure is the best we could hope for from Klinsi. I know it has never been a smooth combo, but I do feel that those 4 are the best players the USA can put on the field right now.


8:27 AM  

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