Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Some Soccer News for Jan 20, 2016

It's Day 20 of 2016.

Aston Villa still appears to have plans for Brad Guzan - he started the FA Cup game on Tuesday and they won 2-0 v Wycombe. They move on to the Round of 32 v Man City on Jan 30.


Yesterday was media day for MLS and journalists talked to 20 of the top players from all the teams in a Los Angeles hotel. Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated recapped each of the talks he had.


The ESPNFC TV crew (Max, Ale and Kasey) share their thoughts after MLS media day. (video)
-When you go to this page you will dozens more excellent videos with MLS players.


Clint Dempsey talks all things USA and Seattle Sounders - now and the future. By Jeff Carlisle of ESPNFC.
-Clint also names his Top 5 CONCACAF players (video). Via ESPNFC.


Vancouver with a very smooth move picking up Costa Rican attacking midfielder Christian Bolanos.
-So where does this leave designated player Pedro Morales? He sure seemed out of favor late in the season, especially surprising for a guy with that much talent.


Why is the USA and particularly MLS failing to produce (even one) truly great players? By Will Smith (yes, that Will Smith) for Big Apple Soccer.
-Thanks to Brian Quarstad for the heads up on this article.


Attn Minnesota United FC supporters + fellow Dark Clouds: Game tickets for Preseason tournament in Portland

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Blogger Colin said...

Wasn't really feeling that Will Smith piece. For example:

In 2014, 20 years after the 1994 World Cup and eighteen years after MLS began, the U.S. made it to ... drumroll please ... the round of sixteen.

In 94 the US, playing at home in a group with Switzerland, Colombia and Romania finished 3rd, scoring two goals in 4 games (not counting an own goal). You really think that's the same as finishing 2nd in Brazil against Germany, Portugal and Ghana?? C'mon.

MLS has failed to develop players of importance for the USMNT whose talents are recognizable on the international stage.

Landon Donovan (let's face it, he was an MLS product, no German) with 5 world cup goals isn't recognizable on the international stage (whatever that means). DaMarcus Beasley went on to play Champion's League ball and put in some respectable world cup performances.

And calling Dempsey just "adequate" in England?? In 2011-12 he scored 21 goals in all competitions as a mid-fielder, finished fourth on the FWA Footballer of the Year award voting and was Fulham player of the year for the 2nd consecutive season. Oh yeah, and he scored more Fulham goals than pure striker Brian McBride, who Will Smith seems to respect. This is "adequate"?? GTFO.

The author might have a few valid points, but they get obscured when he engages in such over the top and ridiculous language.

3:58 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

I agree with you Colin. There are some good points but it is too over the top on criticism and too light on the acknowledgment of success. BTW, You have to include Bocanegra in the group too. How about Tony Sonneh? I bet we could come up with a half dozen more.

I just wanted to include a different perspective than what I usually post.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Zathras said...

How about Bobby Convey, who had significant success at Reading? Or Stuart Holden, Bolton's best player for two years running until that hack DeJong broke his leg. Maurice Edu had a good spell at Rangers when Rangers was actually top flight.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Marc from Salem said...

I completely agree with Colin. MLS may not be perfect and we'd be fools to hand-wring waiting for MLS to poop out the next Messi. "Boo-hoo we have been playing professional for 20 years and no Pele has been developed. We suck! Waaaa!" That is not going to happen, hell it hardly ever happens in Argentina.

The affect of MLS can be seen simply in USMNT team depth. I remember in 1995 when Balboa got injured, he missed a few games and there were no adequate replacements. There are depth players at every position.

The idea that because Klinsmann has to troll Germany for dual citizens has more to do with Klinsmann and his lack of clear thought about player selection than player development in the US.

10:08 AM  

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