Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Some Soccer News for Nov 10, 2015

NASL's next new team will be in Oklahoma City and in partnership with Spanish club Rayo Vallecano. Reported by Dave Martinez of Empire of Soccer.
-The team will be called Rayo OKC.
-We dont know when they will begin play, or where their home stadium will be located.
-The league is going into a small market that already has a pro team - USL's two year old OKC Energy.
-One of the financial backers was initially slated to enter a team in NASL in 2014, but his partner left to join the Energy group.
-My initial reaction? Oof.


USA CONCACAF World Cup qualifying begins this Fri Nov 13 in St Louis, Missouri.
-USA v St Vincent + The Grenadines - 5:30pm CT at Busch Stadium on ESPN2
-Training got going at full speed on Monday in Miami. Michelle Kaufman of the Herald was there.


Sebastian Velazquez of NYCFC and formerly of Real Salt Lake posted a very personal message on Twitter yesterday about a very dark background that has caused him a massive struggle. What a brave and inspiring thing to post.


Both Rodney Wallace + Diego Valeri will miss the 1st Leg of the Semifinals for Portland due to the stupid "2 yellow cards earned in the playoffs = 1 game suspension" rule. (Not 2 in 1 game, 2 total.)


Bob Bradley officially named head coach of Le Havre (HAC) in French 2nd division.


Readers ask Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated about the topics of the day.


The investigations into FIFA wrong doing creeps closer and closer to Franz Beckenbauer. The German legend has been connected to too many of these stories not to have gotten at least some blow-back on his expensive shirts. And his refusal to co-operate with investigators never looks good. From the AP.


Wow. Erykah Badu is so damn talented. This song blows the original away by a mile.


Over the past 3 days college football players made a major stand at the University of Missouri - bringing racism into the forefront and causing real change in leadership at the school. By Joe Nocera of the New York Times.

The Bird Is The Word


Blogger Demko said...

Do you know why Bradley is being brought in to coach at team that's currently in fourth place? You'd think they'd be pretty happy with the current coach.

2:40 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

Havre does not have a coach right now. The technical director has been coaching the team while they searched for a permanent head coach. Their plan is to get promoted this season.
A new American owner bought the club this past summer and the coach ended up getting fired at some point. I don't know those circumstances at all.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous leper said...

Apparently under the old coach they were in 15th place when he got fired. So the Technical Director took over as interim coach while they looked for someone new. Pretty good interim coach.

10:15 AM  

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