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Some Soccer News for Oct 9, 2015

The USA-Mexico rivalry!

Sat Oct 10 at 8:30pm CT on FS1

Michael Bradley sits down and opens up to Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated. I love Michael Bradley!

Will a guy like Kyle Beckerman play a big role in this game? Doug McIntyre of ESPN seems to think he will.
-I feel that playing three guys are similar as Bradley, Jones and Beckerman at the same time is the equivalent of playing with 10 men. It is very ineffective.

ESPNFC lets the former players give their view point on the rivalry.
-We hear from Cobi Jones, Claudio Suarez, Kasey Keller, Ramon Ramirez, Alexi Lalas, Pavel Pardo, Carlos Bocanegra, Jared Borgetti and many more.
-Here is one of the many great stories from this article. USA had just beaten Mexico 2-0 at the 2002 World Cup in Korea. Frankie Hejduk tells the story:
We get on the bus, we were celebrating, we were having so much fun. We had a couple of beers on the bus after that game. All of a sudden, our bus stopped at a red light. Another bus pulls up beside us as we're leaving the stadium. And it's their bus, and their team is on there. We're both looking at each other like, "Oh my god, is this really going on?"
All of a sudden, they start flipping us off. We start dancing, chanting. All of our team was on one window. All of their team was on one window. We were chanting "USA! USA!" It was such a crazy moment. Our buses were three feet apart. I remember faces. I can name names of who they were, although I won't name them. There were middle fingers and two opposite emotions. Then the light turned green, and both buses drove off. We drove to the quarterfinals, and they drove home.

This is important: CONCACAF has promised that USA-Mexico game at Rose Bowl will have "stepped-up security." Kevin Baxter of the LA Times reports.
-I sure hope so, cuz most CONCACAF events have little to no security.
-Personally I had no interest in attending this game. I just don't need the angst and tension.


Northern Ireland has qualified for next summer's European Championship by virtue of a 3-1 win over Greece on Thursday. I think that is quite incredible!
-They were not in the most difficult group, but you can't tell me they were favored to advance over Romania, Hungary and Greece.


The final round of qualifiers for the Euro Championship take place next week.
-Top 2 finishers in each group will advance.
-7 teams including the hosts France are set already. 13 more teams will join them.
-Then the third place finishers in the groups will then playoff in November for the last 4 spots.


Following up from the other day, Serbia defeated Albania 2-0 in Euro qualifying and James Montague of the New York Times was there to cover it under very high tension and tight security, including snipers.


In South American World Cup qualifying both Brazil and Argentina lost on Matchday 1 (of 18.)
-Brazil lost at Chile 2-0, which is not a disaster.
-But Argentina lost to Ecuador 0-2 at HOME. Oof!


Are we witnessing the soccer world version of the tearing down of the Berlin wall or the Arab Spring revolutionary wave at FIFA? By Juliet Macur of the NY Times


Liverpool Football Club got their Klopp. Here are the photos to prove it.

The Bird Is The Word


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