Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The du Nord Futbol Show Podcast Ep. 39

Episode 39 of the du Nord Futbol Show podcast is here.


In this episode Bruce and Wes exalt Dillon Powers for his powerful goal, welcome home Landon Donovan, check back on the USA point at El Azteca, review another strong week of MLS, and more.


Your two very handsome co-hosts Bruce McGuire and Wes Burdine hope you enjoy listening.

We also look forward to your questions and comments.


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Blogger J Rodgesico said...

I thought I should drop you guys a note of appreciation for your efforts with the blog and podcast.

The podcast is a valuable asset in the exploration of my limitations as a MLS Fantasy Soccer Manager.

It was mentioned in the podcast (ep39) that LA could be in trouble if Carlo Cudicini were to be injured. Who would they go with? Brian Perk? Perk is injured with a sports hernia. The #3 is Brian Rowe however, with Landon Donovan's comments on how he would be willing to play keeper for the national team, Hmmmmm? Who would have known that LA was so deep in goal?

Note for Wes - The EPL Trophy is in Toronto this week and will be on display at BMO field on Saturday during the Dallas game. Link - www.trophyintoronto.com

Looking forward to a TFC game report on an upcoming podcast.

I am curious as to the condition of the pitch at BMO field? The grass appears to be longer than normal. If the grass is indeed longer than normal, it could be a contributing factor in 2 of Earnshaw's goals. The defenders without doubt are at fault for the bad passes but the longer grass appears to be slowing the ball. If the pitch was groomed to a shorter length Earnshaw may not have been able to reach the ball.

I would be interested to hear Wes's take on this as he watches the game in person.

Again thanks for the help, keep up the good work!


8:36 AM  

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