Friday, December 09, 2011

PHOTO ESSAY: Portland Timbers New Retro Look 3rd Shirt

We had heard the rumblings that Portland was cooking up something special for their third shirt in 2012. They had knocked most everyone out with their efforts for the Green and Red shirts in 2011, so our standards were set high.


The other night I came home in the dark and numbing cold and saw a box jammed in between my front and screen doors.

What could this be?
I didn't order anything.
Ooooooh. I hope its good?

I took the box inside.

And pried it open.

Holy Smokes!
This is it!
The Adidas Timbers Third Jersey is mine!
(Which would not be complete with out the Fact Sheet.)

The box inside the box was the real prize.
A beautiful heavy duty box about the size of a big board game.
But really thick cardboard.
With a non-glossy finish.
Well done.

Limited Edition of course.
How could it not be.

Even the box has the famous Three Stripes.

That cool retro-ish logo emblazoned big across the front.

My favorite shoe company - I love the Classics!

And this gem: Jersey designed and manufactured in Portland OR USA - 100% recycled material

I got number 701.

Then I opened the magic box.
The shirt.
Oh wow!

I had seen the pictures but it was even better looking in person.
It had all the details a football fanatico could hope for.

A solid tag on the front!

And an almost baseball-esque tag on the back just below the collar.

A scarf too.

Also retro!

This is one people will want to get their hands on badly.

Then I flipped the box top over and got this surprise - a mid-70's Timbers NASL days photo collage.
What a great touch.

The whole shirt is a tribute to the history of the Portland Timbers.
With an eye to the future in design and manufacturing.
The best off all worlds.
Perfectly executed.

I hope you get yours, and love it.

You can get them right here (THE WHOLE BOX) while they last.

Of course I am jealous of all you Timbers fans.

And thank you Adidas, you really outdid yourself with this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still very bizarre that in the land of Nike Adidas has the rights.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you order it or was it gifted to you by the Timbers?

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Jeff in Seattle said...

ADIDAS USA is in the Portland area as well.
Looks better in your photos than the ones the Timbers posted. The fabric looked cheap until I saw the detail in your pics.
I like it as much as a Sounders fan is allowed to say publicly.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes the Sounders whip Timber ass on the field but the Timber jerseys put Sounders to shame... are you listening Sounders owners???

12:37 AM  

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