Monday, November 21, 2011

Los Angeles Galaxy are the MLS champs

Are the 2011 L.A. Galaxy the best team in the history of MLS?

Is David Beckham's MLS career over?

Those seem to be the questions everyone's contemplating after last night's 1-0 MLS Cup victory.

(Along with this lesser one: Did you ever think a player could be so awful that you'd pine for Chad Barrett? Congratulations Adam Cristman!)

Let's see what all the premier soccer scribblers (and other knuckleheads) have to say about the match.

SI's Grant Wahl believes the Galaxy can lay claim to being the best team in MLS history, even if they didn't steamroll opponents.

SI's Steve Davis argues Beckham ran the show on Sunday night.

The Houston Chronicle's Richard Justice says the Dynamo's grit wasn't enough.

No Short Corners scribe Will Parchman believes the Galaxy bossed the game.

Phil Collin, of the Long Beach Press-Telegram, says the game hinged on a $12.2 million moment of brilliance from L.A.'s trio of designated players.

Big Soccer blogger Bill Archer: "A little precipitation isn’t supposed to make your turf disintegrate like beer soaked crepe paper at a Redneck picnic." (No, I don' t have any idea what that means.)

L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke has the condescending, old white guy take on the Galaxy's victory.

WaPo's Steve Goff wants to go to bed earlier.

Four dozen diehard Dynamo fans spent 28 hours on a bus, chartered by team co-owner Oscar De La Hoya, to reach the big match.

The Houston Chronicle has a nice slideshow. The L.A. Times also has some sweet pictures.

What's next for our humble league?

Significant changes to the regular season and playoff formats for 2012. Most notably: no more balanced schedule and home field advantage for the MLS Cup will be awarded to the team with the superior regular season record.

Today teams released their list of unprotected players that the Montreal Impact can pick off in the upcoming expansion draft. Among those available: Freddy Adu, Omar Bravo and Carlos Costly.

For more about the future of MLS, I suggest you read Grant Wahl's great Q & A with Commish Don Garber.

Finally, the Indomitable Drinky Crows will be on the field tonight at 9:55 CST. We have rescinded our contract offer to Adam Cristman.


Anonymous Rich said...

That Barrett comment was spot on. I've disliked Barrett forever, as he is continually sub-par. However, I did agree that he was playing well and felt bad when he ended up injured. But, Christman was awful. Never have I seen someone get themselves in such great positions, then fail so miserably, and so often...

7:01 PM  

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