Thursday, May 12, 2011

This Week in American Soccer History: Minnesota Kicks Debut

Contributing Editor Dillon Young
(links posted are to images of the original documents from the era)

This Week in Minnesota Soccer History: May 1976

With much buzz in the Minnesota soccer scene about the potential (albeit a long shot) of bringing an MLS team to Minnesota, it should be remembered that Zygi Wilf's press conference came nearly 25 years to the day from when the Minnesota Kicks played their first professional soccer game in Minnesota in front of over 17,000 people. The amazing part of the season opener was that, due to such high demand The owners actually went to the ticket offices to try to help and, eventually, thousands of people were let in to the match for free. According to author Allan Holbert, the fans inside who paid actually cheered when they found out the fans were allowed in at no cost. How awesome is that?!

The Kicks went on to have a dream season, drawing over 40,000 fans to four different matches, and making it all the way to the 1976 Soccer Bowl, losing to the Eusebio-lead Toronto Metros-Croatia 3 - 0.


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