Monday, November 22, 2010

Colorado Wins Their 1st MLS Cup

Contributing Editor Graham Fox

Well, the MLS season has finally come to an exciting close with one of those games that rarely happens, a come from behind win. If TV commentators and my half drunk memory of the event are to be believed, this was the 1st time in 50 games that Colorado have won after trailing at half-time.

Of course they had 30 extra minutes in which to get that win, but by hook or by crook, they did.

Casey Conor scrambled home a goal while laying on his ass, and then Kandji forced a cross of George John's thigh to secure the win.

I've seen wildly swinging opinions across the internet today from: "It was a great and exciting game" to "It was a horrible game with boring long balls" to "There was a great atmosphere" to "The TFC supporters staged a massive protest and all left at half time and ruined the cup final."

All I really know is I was entertained. And I'm sad the MLS season has drawn to a close.

Don't look now, but the expansion draft is about to begin.

Post-Game Wrap Up Articles
-Steven Goff over at The Washington Post wraps it up.
- Jeffery Marcus over at the New York Times does the same.
-ESPN has the wrap up + video.
-And of course Soccer by Ives has lots of coverage.
-The Dallas News has local coverage.
-The Denver Post is just a tiiinnnnny bit more upbeat.

Post Game Twitter
You should go through and read both the Colorado Rapids and the FC Dallas twitter feed for plenty of pre, during, and post game tweets and pictures. Colorado Rapids has a hilarious picture of both Colorado and FC Dallas headed home through the same security line.

Tweet of the Cup
"Man, I am hurtin' right now--that is the LAST time I get in a not drinking contest with @dunord. Mofo can sober me under the table."


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