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Some News for Wed Oct 13, 2010


Stayin alive, Stayin alive, K C, K C, Stayin alive, Stayin alive! Sing it with me.
-A 0-2 win at Chicago last night keeps the Kansas City Wizards in the playoff hunt. But any dropped points by them, or any earned points by Colorado in the final two games of the regular season will end the chase. The Wiz is 6 points back of the Raps.


Anyone expecting a quick solution to the sale of Liverpool FC is fooling themselves. When the 2 current owners are going to lose $140 Million if the proposed deal goes through, you can bet they will do everything in their power to stop that from happening.


Miserable! The attendance and the performance. Just 3 months removed from a huge momentum builder of a World Cup, and US Soccer has no idea how to cash in on it. The team was boring and fresh out of ideas on how to break down an average team, and the head honchos have no idea how to market their team at all. Many of the players just looked confused as to what they were trying to do. And only 8,823 people showed up to see them do it. I know this, if I performed this poorly at my job there would be hell to pay from the boss, and my boss is nice. But this was unacceptable all the way around. If Sunil Gulati was disappointed that the USA didn't take advantage of a great draw and path through the knock out stage at the World Cup, then he sure better be upset about the whole organization not taking any of that momentum and turning it into energy and forward motion for the national team program.

On a scale of 1-10 I give Team USA and US Soccer a 3.

I could go on and on and on, but I am just to say two more things and leave it at that:
1-Two new youngsters got their first caps last night - Brek Shea started the game and added nothing, while Eric Lichaj played the second half and did pretty well especially he went forward. As a matter of fact, Lichaj just may have been the teams best attacking player on the night.
2-It was a completely meaningless game, so why do I even care. Really.


Friendly Match & Score:
-Tue Oct 12
USA 0-0 Colombia
Venue: PPL Park - Chester PA
Attendance: 8,823
Match report from US Soccer.


One Euro qualifier yesterday made all the headlines, and that was a game that was not played. In Genoa, Italy hosted Serbia and imbeciles fought police inside & outside the stadium, through smoke bombs, flares & UFOs on the field, plus they tried to break down the barriers keeping them off the field. For that the referee wisely canceled the game. Most of the blame is going to a group of Serbian traveling "fans."

Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune tells us more.

Ian Traynor of the Guardian tries to shed some light on Serbian ultras, and their motivations for causing so much distrubance at football matches.

UEFA will investigate the violence in Genoa to determine what should happen to the match.

See the next section for a pretty interesting as-it-happens report.


Gabrielle Marcotti of the Times was watching yesterday's disastrous Italy v Serbia Euro 2012 qualifier that was canceled due to insane fans causing a huge rukus. Here are his live Twitter updates:

-Crazy scenes in Genoa right now, Italy v Serbia friendly. Kickoff delayed, few hundred nasty hooligans among Serbs, cops all over pitch
-Did I say friendly. Meant Euro 2012 qualifier. Apparently same folks who rioted at Gay Pride in Belgrade a few days ago.
-Serbian GK Stojkovic (fmr Wigan) attacked before game. Weird thing is Italian FA bused in tens of thousands of children for match...
-... not exactly "family environment". Now hydrants on pitch, can't believe it's taking cops this long to figure out what to do...
-OK, so 200 hundred cops on pitch, morons in stands chucking all sorts of stuff on field of play. Kids looking on looking puzzled.
-Now cops entering Serb stand. Cops kick out stewards. Firemen ready to open hydrants on Serbs. Big banner "Kossovo is Serbia"
-While don't mind hoolies getting manhandled by cops, surely hundreds of peaceful "normal" fans among Serb bunch.
-Great. Cops massed at pitch-side plexiglass doors. Couple guys set off flares and drop them on cops.
-This is potentially v. dangerous. Hope to God somebody thought to open gates at back of stand if cops are going to rush.
-These are the guys I'm talking about (thanks to @Nerdyy)
-Players now on pitch and warming up as some guy with iron bar tries to break plexiglass
-RAI reporting that Serb hooligans burst on to Serb team bus and set off smoke bombs as team left for ground
-Stewards have been kicked out of Serb sector. Cops opening single gate at back of Serb stand, will search fans one-by-one at exit
-At least wd be chance for peaceful Serb fans to leave. if morons want to stay and take on cops, that's another issue
-UEFA DELEGATE SAYS: Italy v Serbia going ahead. I think it's an absolutely insane decision.
-EVEN CRAZIER. Serbian players have just gone over to applaud their fans. Big smiles and thumbs up. I hope they're being sarcastic...
-Stankovic just told RAI reporter that they weren't applauding hooligans, they were "calming them down". Adds "Don't make me say any more"
-To think there was supposed to be a minute's silence tonight for 4 ITA army guys who were ambushed and killed in Afghanistan. Won't happen
-Home fans singing. "C'avete rotto il caaaaazzzo!!" (Won't translate that, but can't blame them.)
-Now teams lining up for anthems. Even as camera shows cops try to clear top of Serb stand to allow peaceful fans out.
-Watching players during anthem is surreal. Stankovic looks possessed. Ivanovic like a deer in headlights. Pirlo like he's at a funeral
-NI fans going to Belgrade. Reckon you'll be alright, this is internal dispute. Though if you're gay, not the most gay-friendly bunch
-After shortest moment of silent in history of the world (I'd say 5 seconds), game has kicked off... back if there's more trouble...
-OK, since so many are preoccupied with this, "C'avete rotto il cazzo" is a very rude way of saying "We're sick and tired of you."
-OK, now Serb flares on pitch, one landing near ITA GK Viviano. This game is in Genoa, narrow English-style ground, no running track.
-Referee is Craig Thomson from Scotland. He's halted play after flares. Talking to UEFA delegate now. Don't think he wants to continue
-UEFA delegate tonight in Genoa is David Petriashvili from Ukraine (later corrected to Georgia.) David, time to make the sensible decision...
-Referee Craig Thomson says game will NOT go ahead. Serb trying to convince him to change mind, but won't happen. Right choice.
-Wd guess - based on precedent - Serbia will forfeit match and ITA gets 3-0 win. Prob closed door punishment against Serbia too
-Now farce. UEFA delegate has yet to call off game. Despite fact that stadium emptying (except for Serbs), teams and ref off pitch
-Italian FA spokeseman says Thomson has called game off and he has ultimate authority, regardless what UEFA delegate says
-To those asked why Serb riots at ITA v SRB. Fans angry at team after 3-1 home defeat v Estonia. Plus, usual crew of ultra-nat'l nutters
-Hindsight always 20-20. But think right msg sent and can't see what cops cd have done different on night.
-Uber-authority on Serb football @jonawils (who wishes he'd been in Genoa) also says Red Star fans angry at Stojkovic move to Partizan
-To those who say shd have "searched" fans entering ground (@s_coltman), they were searched. 10 arrests, plenty confiscated
-To those who asked why riot cops did not wade in, did not want to risk crush at back of stand. Lots of peaceful Serbs in there too.


I got to be one of the guests on Glenn Davis' Dynamo All Access show down in Houston on Monday night. My appearance is early in hour 2. Check out the audio podcast here: All Access with Glenn Davis 2 Mon, 11 Oct 2010
-Other even greater guests: Chris Wondolowski, Pat Onstad and Jozy Altidore.


The Associated Press with an article about an important sports concussion study, and long injured New England forward Taylor Twellman is taking part in it. The athletes who agree to be part of the study will be tested extensively now and then donate their brain to the study after their death. Wow.


Matches & Scores:
-Tue Oct 12
Chicago Fire SC 0-2 Kansas City Wizards - KCW goals by Davy Arnaud & Teal Bunbury.
Venue: Toyota Park - Bridgeview IL
Attendance: 12,230
-Fri Oct 15
Seattle Sounders FC v CD Chivas USA - 10:00pm Central on ESPN2
Venue: Qwest Field - Seattle WA
-Sat Oct 16
Chicago Fire SC v DC United - 3:00pm Central on Telefutura
Venue: Toyota Park - Bridgeview IL
Toronto FC v Columbus Crew - 3:00pm Central on Direct Kick
Venue: BMO Field - Toronto ON
Philadelphia Union v New York Red Bulls - 5:00pm Central on FSC
Venue: PPL Park - Chester PA
New England Revolution v Kansas City Wizards - 7:00pm Central on Direct Kick
Venue: Gillette Stadium - Foxborough MA
Real Salt Lake v FC Dallas - 8:00pm Central on Direct Kick
Venue: Rio Tinto Stadium - Sandy UT
San Jose Earthquakes v Houston Dynamo - 9:00pm Central on Direct Kick
Venue: Buck Shaw Stadium - Santa Clara CA
Los Angeles Galaxy v Colorado Rapids - 9:30pm Central on Direct Kick
Venue: The Home Depot Center - Carson CA


Colorado and Kansas City are the only two teams left to fight for the last playoff spot.
-Due to Colorado's 6 point lead its not much of a fight.
-Any earning of points by Colorado or loss of points by Kansas City will end the chase.



Is Coach Conch done?

Len Ziehm of the Sun Times reports on yet another ugly game for the Fire.
-Are they playing worse as the season has worn on?


Forward Alan Gordon was handed a 2 game suspension for hitting TFC's Adrian Cann in the face.


Terez Paylor of the Star reports on the Wizards desperation win last night.


Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer calls midfielder Joel Lindpere the teams Most Valuable Player.


Word on the street is that goalkeeper Matt Reis is done for the season due to surgery on an ankle to remove bone spurs etc.


The team has sent an open letter of apology to their fans for being shitty for 4 straight years, and then having the audacity to jack ticket prices way up. I don't think this letter is going to appease much. They have made a small concession on ticket prices, but nothing more.


As of Tue Oct 12
Pts - Team - Games - Max Pts Poss
IN-56 Los Angeles - 28 (62)
IN-52 Salt Lake - 28 (58)
IN-50 Dallas - 28 (56)
IN-48 New York - 28 (54)
IN-46 Columbus - 28 (52)
IN-45 Seattle - 28 (51)
IN-43 San Jose - 27 (52)
42 Colorado - 28 (48)
- - - - - - - - - - - -
36 Kansas City - 28 (42)
OUT-32 Chicago - 28 (38)
OUT-31 Toronto - 28 (37)
OUT-29 New England - 28 (35)
OUT-28 Chivas - 27 (37)
OUT-28 Philadelphia - 28 (34)
OUT-27 Houston - 28 (33)
OUT-21 DC - 28 (27)


Enjoying a little delusion:
The Omaha World Herald reports that the city's mayor feels they could field a MLS team.


Friendly Match & Score:
-Tue Oct 12
Seattle Sounders FC 3-1 CD Guadalajara (Mexico) - SS goals by Mike Fucito, Nate Jaqua and Sanna Nyass. Gua goal by Marco Fabian.
Venue: Qwest Field - Seattle WA
Attendance: 41,047

Joshua Mayers of the Seattle Times with a match report.


Playoff Matches & Scores:
Leg 1
-Thu Oct 14
Puerto Rico Islanders v Vancouver Whitecaps FC
Carolina RailHawks v Montreal Impact


Friendly Matches & Scores:
-Tue Oct 12
USA 0-0 Colombia
Honduras 2-0 Guatemala
Costa Rica 2-1 El Salvador
Mexico 2-2 Venezuela
Panama 1-0 Peru


The group stage is underway in the Caribbean championship tournament.

Digicel Caribbean Cup 2010
Group Stage Matches & Scores:
-Wed Oct 13
Dominican Republic v British Virgin Islands
Guyana v St. Lucia
Suriname v Netherlands Antilles
-Fri Oct 15
British Virgin Islands v Dominica
Netherlands Antilles v Guyana
Suriname v St. Lucia
-Sun Oct 17
Dominican Republic v Dominica
St. Lucia v Netherlands Antilles
Suriname v Guyana


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Of course it was a meaning less friendly. But its a huge cause for concern that this team is playing poorly. And I for one do see a hope insight as long as RoboB0b is the coach.

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