Thursday, March 25, 2010

du Nord MLS Order of Finish Predictions

Here is Bruce's 2010 du Nord MLS order of finish predictions. Yes, I am dumb enough to do this again this year, when every season I get so many of them wrong:

1 Columbus – a striker away from being way better than everyone else
2 Houston – able to fill the holes and continue to grow
3 Dallas – the youth are making their presence known in year 3
4 Seattle – strong coaching can take you far in this league
5 Los Angeles – the same as the above, plus star quality
6 Salt Lake – still great at home, and now better on the road
7 Chicago – a gut hunch based on nothing
8 Kansas City – too many new faces to fully click early
9 DC – not a strong enough roster
10 New York – one of the most improved in the league
11 Chivas – just not the depth/quality they need to be
12 Colorado – too many mediocre spots on the field
13 Toronto – the pourous defense will still haunt them
14 New England – havn't replaced any of the stars that departed over the past 5 years
15 San Jose – the whole organization is run underwhelmingly
16 Philadelphia – the expansion curse, and a big lack of offense

How I see the teams fairing compared to last seasons finishing spots:
+10 Dall
+5 KC
+5 NY
+2 RSL
+1 Hous
0 Colu
0 DC
0 Sea
-1 Chic
-1 SJ
-2 Colo
-2 TFC
-3 LA
-5 Chiv
-7 NE


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