Friday, February 26, 2010

News for your Friday (2-26-10)

GUEST BLOGGER: Graham Fox, a friend in futbol of du Nord from the greater Kanasas City area pitches in with the second of his two posts this week.


Well it’s been a week of essays and just a little news. So for your Friday I’m going to hold back on my self-righteous rants and just give you a little straight up news. A lot has happened this week that du Nord hasn’t covered yet so let’s end the week with a few of the highlights.

US National Team
As I’m pretty damn sure you know by now, the US pulled out a decent win over El Salvador thanks to a strong header by Ching and some nifty interplay between Ching and Kljestian. The El Salvador goal keeper did some big sucking on both goals to help the US out.

There were a lot of chances in both directions of which the US had the majority of.


Box Scores


Schaerlaeckens over at SoccerNet with synopsis and player ratings.

dN’s wrap up.


Jones from the LA Times tells the game's story.


The US announced their new set of jerseys as well. I’m a fan, but I know some people aren’t digging the “beauty contest sash” look.
US 2010 Jersey


The roster for the Netherlands game on the 3rd of March has been announced. No huge surprises, but most of the MLS players are out of this one. It’s all international experience baby!


Bornstein, Pearce, and Findley are the MLSers who’ve battled their way into a game overseas.

MLS Labor Messacure

Well the CBA deadline is now passed but the Player’s Union has, for the time, told the players to keep working.


I hear there has to be a vote by all the players before they can call a strike. I hope it doesn’t come to that and someone budges.


It’s really annoying to hear about offers and concessions and lots of talk without being able to view any primary sources. Maybe we should just blindly trust all the press releases!


The MLS Player’s Union issued a press statement.


As did the League on


Jimmy Conrad stepped out a couple of days ago with some bad news.


Canales wonders, “Who are the biggest losers in all this?”

Random MLS Team News

So just where in the world are all the MLS teams at right now? Let’s check it out!


Chicago – Mexico
Chivas – LA
Colorado – Phoenix (Travel Schedule)
Columbus – Phoenix
DC United – Florida
FC Dallas – Florida (Disney tourney)
Houston – Florida (Disney tourney)
Kansas City – Phoenix (Preseason schedule)
LA Galaxy – Phoenix
New England – Florida (beating up on college teams)
Red Bulls – Florida (Disney tourney)
Philly – Mexico
RSL – Arizona (Losing to USL sides)
San Jose – Bay Area
Seattle – Spain
Toronto – Florida (Disney tourney)


Most of the clubs in Florida are participating in the Disney tournament. It’s sponsored by ESPN but its not on TV. Hmmmm.


Look they are building a stadium in KC!. I hope some of you come out on opening day vs DC United and say hi. I think Bruce will be there, and I know I will!


May 22nd brings a Czech vs Turkey friendly to the new Red Bulls Stadium.

Music for Your Workday

Advantage Played
Till next time – Graham Fox (


Anonymous Shana said...

Actually Columbus is also in Phoenix. They're playing Chivas USA tomorrow.

3:33 PM  
Blogger Graham said...

Roger that, fixed.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous joe j said...

El Salvador, Graham, not San Salvador... heh.

joe the curmudgeon

5:46 PM  
Blogger Graham said...

Haha. Thanks!

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Doug said...

Thanks for minding the story while Brucio was away. Good stuff!

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

> I’m a fan, but I know some people >aren’t digging the “beauty contest sash” >look.

I wouldnt say I dont dig it.
Rather, Id say I detest it as much as one can detest colors and patterns.

I have the dark blue colour, the sash, the nike logo and the red half bars on the sleeves and even the red border around the sash.

But I do like the red trim on the collar, so its not like I hate everything about it.

This excitement over sports fashion is the kind of stuff that should be left for men's figure skating. Yes, you get the euphemism. That's what its about.
Then again, at least they tried something (and missed badly), its even more absurd when teams are runnnig plain red or black or white uniforms and people are going "Ooooh, did you see? They have a georgeous new unis that countour their pecs and lats so deliciously."
Go do a triple lutz instead.

2:43 PM  

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