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Some News for Wed Jan 6, 2010


Freddy Adu's latest Twitter message: "alright guys done deal. Signed a 18month loan deal with Aris FC. Alot of thought and research went into this. Thanks for the support."


David Conn of the Guardian on a very possible financial crisis ahead for Manchester United.


Along with introducing new head coach Curt Onalfo on Tuesday, DC United also announced that former player Ben Olsen would be a new assistant coach. Another former DCU player, and KC assistant coach Kris Kelderman has joined the staff too.
-Craig Stoufer of the Examiner has a few extra notes from the Onalfo press conference.


FC Dallas has signed versatile defender Aziz Ansah of Ghana. The 29 year old previously played for Nigerian club Heartland.


The CBA with players is set to expire on Jan 31. Both sides are putting out smoke signals insinuating it could get ugly.


Ron Blum of the Associated Press with quotes from FIFA saying that they will not interfere with the current MLS & Players Union negotiations over a new contract. Includes quotes from both player and league representatives.


Sam Stejskal of Chicago Now with the latest on Gonzalo Segares leaving the Fire. Why? He is really signing with a team in Cyprus?? You have got to be kidding me. And also news on a possible replacement from Poland.


The annual draft of college players will take place on Thu Jan 14 at 1pm Central.


Here is the official list of players who have signed the lucrative Generation Adidas devolopemental contracts with the league:
Corben Bone
Teal Bunbury
Dilly Duka
Blair Gavin
Zac Herold
Sean Johnson
Jack McInerney
Danny Mwanga
Amobi Okugo
Ike Opara
Tony Tchani
Andrew Wiedeman


The Eagle Tribune of North Andover, MA (north of Boston) with an article on 3 top prospects from the New England Revolution junior teams.
-It's got to be very exciting for the kids on these teams.


Vancouver has sold forward Marcus Haber to West Bromich Albion in England (Championship Division.) He has shown a lot of potential while playing for the Whitecaps.


30 American players who are out of season right now are in Southern California training together.


Here's the official team blog.


Nick Green of the Daily Breeze with a little update on his blog 100 Percent Soccer.


John Molinaro of the CBC has a few words with USA coach Bob Bradley about this camp.


Friendly Match & Score:
-Sat Jan 23
USA v Honduras - 8pm Central on Fox Soccer Channel
Venue: Home Depot Center - Carson CA


The Liverpool Daily Post and the Liverpool Echo both with articles on the introduction of Landon Donovan at Everton on Tuesday



Official Web Site

2 teams from this tournament get a spot in the 2010 Copa Libertadores.
The 8 teams are split into 2 groups and the teams in each group play a round robin.
Then the winner of Group A plays the runner up from Group B for one spot, and winner of Group B plays the runner up from Group A for the other spot.

Group A (2 games played)
6 America (+5)
3 Estudiantes (+1)
3 Atlante (-2)
0 Santos (-4)
Group B (1 game played)
3 Puebla (+3)
1 Chiapas (0)
1 Monterrey (0)
0 Tigres (-3)

Matches & Scores:
-Sat Jan 2
Atlante 2-1 Estudiantes Tecos - Atl goals by Daniel Arreola & Guillermo Rojas. ET goal by Mauro Cejas.
America 3-1 Santos Laguna - Ame goals by Alejandro Esqueda, Daniel Montenegro & Salvador Cabanas(PK). SL goal by Juan Pablo Rodriguez(PK).
Venue: Robertson Stadium - Houston TX
Attendance: 10,037
-Sun Jan 3
UANL Tigres 1-4 Puebla UANL goal by Itamar Batista. Pue goals by Alvaro Gonzalez(2) & Carlos Ruiz(2).
Monterrey 0-0 Chiapas Jaguares
Venue: Pizza Hut Park - Frisco TX
Attendance: 4,148
-Tue Jan 5
Estudiantes Tecos 2-0 Santos Laguna - Est goals by Fredy Bareiro & Rodrigo Ruiz.
Atlante 3-0 America - Ame goals by Salvador Cabanas(2) & Luis Sandoval.
Venue: Pizza Hut Park - Frisco TX
Attendance: none given
-Wed Jan 6
Chiapas Jaguares v Puebla
UANL Tigres v Monterrey
Venue: Robertson Stadium - Houston TX
-Sat Jan 9
Santos Laguna v Atlante
America v Estudiantes Tecos
Venue: Home Depot Center - Carson CA
-Sun Jan 10
Puebla v UANL Tigres
Monterrey v Chiapas Jaguares
Venue: Home Depot Center - Carson CA
-Wed Jan 13
Final 1 - A1 v B2
Final 2 - B1 v A2
Venue: Home Depot Center - Carson CA


Gregory Sica of South American Futbol reports on Roberto Carlos signing with Corinthians in Brazil, and teaming up with Ronaldo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you find out more about who Adu's competition is going to be at Aris?
From the wiki page I noticed half a dozen argentinians (argie coach), some other forwards include the captain, Eddie J., 2 spanish players from Barca youth (same generations as dos santos and Bojan) who played U-21, an irish kid who played u-21 and a greek kid who scored 9 goals in 22games with the u-21.
That;s a lot of young guns of the same age as Adu but who have played for the past few years and have experience of international qualifying and competitions in the past 3 years. Adu has gone from the MLS to 3 benches.

I dont know how their injury situation is but if you can find a greek soccer fan-expert to clue you in, it would be awesome.

I think the Greek league is equal if not better than the Portuguese league so I dont think this will turn out any better.

A third tier league in eastern europe, or a even lower league in Denmark or Norway or Scotland would have given him a better chance to reacquaint himself with playing the game. Heck, there are some quality foreign players in the french 2nd division.

Adu is the american Becky, his value off the field is worth more than what he brings on the field. He's like FIFA's little pocket dog they like to trot out for photo ops. (the invitation to take part in the 2007 WC draw he couldnt make because he was at Benfica had NOTHING to do with his soccer skills but what he represents in terms of publicity)

But after three euro teams and RSL, we might have to wonder if its not something else.

At the very least, Aris now has a whole country's worth of soccer fans trying to find out what is going to happen to Freddy.
All I know is taht its in Thessaloniki which is about as far removed from Hull as you can possibly get in terms of food, climates, women, beaches, women,,,, so if Adu is going to ride the pine, he might as well do it in a gorgeous setting.

Is going to a team with another american fighting for the same minutes a good idea? Or will they hurt each other's chances because if one plays, then it means less chances for the other?
I would pick Eddie over Adu without hesitation.

2:39 AM  
Anonymous Cornhole Sets said...

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11:54 AM  

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