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Some News for Fri Jan 29, 2010


Looks like I am making a run to Milwaukee this weekend. I have a new niece to welcome into the family. Hi Delaney! You never know where I might turn up, so if you see me please say hi. That big game on Sunday could be calling me to the Highbury!


It's official, Kenny Cooper is leaving 1860 Munich on loan to Plymouth Argyle and manager Paul Mariner.
-On a personal note, I have always had a slight affinity for this team connected to the name Argyle because I have a huuuuuuge love of argyle socks, which I wear almost every day! Hahaha.


Sport has quotes from L'Equipe by Thierry Henry saying he is not coming to MLS this summer, and wants to stay at Barcelona through the 2010/11 season.


INTERESTING UPDATE: Even though the current deal expires on Jan 31 the Players Union and the League Owners have agreed to extend the current deal to Feb 12 to they can continue down the road to agreement. All indications lately would lead us to believe that they are close on a deal, but not quite there yet. This is a good sign.


Steve Davis at ESPN Soccernet writes that the players deserve more than they are currently getting.


Time to Celebrate! It's the Derby du Nord!

Match & Score:
-Sat Jan 30
Lille v Lens


There are some really good matches on the schedule to end the month!

-Fri Jan 29
Braga v Sporting - the surprise #1 against the perennial powerhouse and current #4
-Sat Jan 30
Napoli v Genoa - here's an odd one for ya, the anti-derby. These two teams and their fans actually like each other!
Montpellier v Marseille - the shocking #2 hosts the always contending #4
-Sun Jan 31
Arsenal v Manchester United - will one of these two take command of the league, or will it stay in scrum formation
Sevilla v Valencia - the two teams everyone figures will battle it out for the 3rd Champions League spot
Feyenoord v Ajax - Hollands biggest rivals face off. It's not what it used to be, but they still have history.
Panathinaikos v AEK Athens - two of the big 3 go at each other.


The man with greatest name on the American soccer landscape, Two-Boys Gumede, is getting a tryout with DC United. Hooray Two-Boys! Hooray Beer! Boo Creepy guys who use their power and influence to scuttle the plans of others.


Sam Stejskal of Chicago Now writes about possible Fire forward Collins John who played at Fulham with Brian McBride and Carlos Bocanegra.


Stejskal also gets the full update from Fire technical director Frank Klopas.


Yesterday I described Houston's newest stadium plan as "suburban." As usual I had no idea what I was talking about, and several great commentors & readers set me straight. One, Jason, sent a very good explanation of what we are looking at here:

I feel compelled to correct your impression of the Dynamo's plan B. The location in question is right at the busiest freeway intersection in town, US59 and Loop 610. This site has a lot of positives:
1. It is just south of the Uptown/Galleria area, a major shopping destination that is extremely well known in Latin America, especially Mexico. Whenever Mexico plays in Houston, players and their WAGs are always seen here.
2. It is also just east of a major Hispanic area in Southwest Houston, and as you know Houston has had more success in attracting Hispanic fans than any other team, with the possible exception of DC United (I refuse to consider Chivas USA), but I have to give Houston the edge as they've done this almost entirely without any Hispanic players of note.
3. The site will be bordered by a light rail station serving two lines: The Uptown line will have its southern terminus here, While the University line will connect the Hispanic neighborhoods to the west and also reach into other working-class Hispanic neighborhoods to the southeast.

This site is most definitely not suburban, but well within the urban core of Houston. Despite the fact that I live a short bikeride from this location, I still prefer a downtown site. But if this cannot be achieved (and it's looking bad), this location will serve well. It is important to note that THIS IS NO FRISCO, NO BRIDGEVIEW, NO COMMERCE CITY. This will be an urban stadium, just not a downtown one.

I just don't want people getting the incorrect impression that this would be another disappointing stadium.


Brian Quarstad of Inside Minnesota Soccer does a Q & A with Tampa Bay owner Andrew Nestor.


The sad news for Tampa is that the team is going to play in a baseball stadium, and the layout makes the Kansas City stadium situation look downright homey:


The BBC talks to Landon Donovan. Good stuff.


Friendly Match & Score:
-Sun Jan 31
Jamaica v Canada


Top Premier League Team Standings (23 games played)
51 Chelsea (22 games played) - Next: Sat Jan 30 at Burnley
50 Manchester United - Next: Sun Jan 31 at Arsenal
49 Arsenal - Next: Sun Jan 31 v Manchester United
41 Tottenham - Next: Sat Jan 30 at Birmingham City
38 Liverpool - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Bolton
38 Manchester City (21 games played) - Next: Sun Jan 31 v Portsmouth


Top La Liga Team Standings (19 games played)
49 Barcelona - Next: Sat Jan 30 at Sporting Gijon
44 Real Madrid - Next: Sat Jan 30 at Deportivo La Coruna
39 Valencia - Next: Sun Jan 31 at Sevilla
34 Mallorca - Next: Sun Jan 31 at Xerez
34 Deportivo La Coruna - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Real Madrid
33 Sevilla - Next: Sun Jan 31 v Valencia


Top Ligue 1 Team Standings (21 games played)
47 Bordeaux - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Boulogne
39 Montpellier - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Marseille
37 Lille - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Lens
36 Marseille (20 games played) - Next: Sat Jan 30 at Montpellier
36 Lyon - Next: Sun Jan 31 v Paris St Germain
36 Monaco - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Nice
36 Auxerre - Next: Sun Jan 31 v St Etienne


Round of 16
-Mon Feb 1
Bordeaux v Sedan


Top Bundesliga Team Standings (18 games played)
41 Bayer Leverkusen - Next: Sun Jan 31 v Freiburg
39 Bayern Munich - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Mainz
38 Schalke - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Hoffenheim
36 Dortmund - Next: Sun Jan 31 at Stuttgart
34 Hamburg - Next: Fri Jan 29 v Wolfsburg


No one will ever know why Juventus waited until they had fallen so far this season to make a coaching change, but today they fired Ciro Ferrara and hired Alberto Zaccheroni to take over the rudder.


Top Serie A Team Standings (21 games played)
49 Inter - Next: Sun Jan 31 at Parma
40 Milan (20 games played) - Next: Sun Jan 31 v Livorno
38 Roma - Next: Sun Jan 31 v Siena
37 Napoli - Next: Sat Jan 30 v Genoa
34 Palermo - Next: Sat Jan 30 at Bari
33 Juventus - Next: Sun Jan 31 v Lazio


The Preliminary (Llave) Round is underway with 12 teams play home and away for the final 6 spots (Ganador) in the 8 groups.


Llave Matches & Scores:
1st Leg
-Tue Jan 26
Depotivo Tachira (Venezuela) 1-0 Libertad (Paraguay) - Ganador 1 - DT goal by Armando Maita.
Colon (Argentina) 3-2 Universidad Catolica (Chile) - Ganador 3 - Col goals by Federico Nieto, Esteban Fuertes & Facundo Bertoglio. UC goals both by Juan Morales.
-Wed Jan 27
Juan Aurich (Peru) 2-0 Estudiantes Tecos (Mexico) - Ganador 2 - JA goals both by Luis Tejada.
Real Potosi (Bolivia) 1-1 Cruzeiro (Brazil) - Ganador 4 - RP goal by Roberta Correa. Cru goal by Wellington Paulista.
Newell's Old Boys (Argentina) 0-0 Emelec (Ecudador) - Ganador 5
-Thu Jan 28
Junior (Colombia) 2-2 Racing Club (Uruguay) - Ganador 6 - Jun goals by Emerson Acuna & Martin Arzuaga. RC goals by Mathias Mirabaje & Jose Pallas.
2nd Leg
-Tue Feb 2
Libertad v Tachira (0-1) - Ganador 1
-Wed Feb 3
Estudiantes Tecos v Juan Aurich (0-2) - Ganador 2
Cruzeiro v Real Potosi (1-1) - Ganador 4
-Thu Feb 4
Racing Club v Junior (2-2) - Ganador 6
-Tue Feb 09
Universidad Catolica v Colon (2-3) - Ganador 3
-Wed Feb 10
Emelec v Newell's Old Boys (0-0) - Ganador 5


The Group Stage begins on Tue Feb 9.


Simon Kuper of the Financial Times sees the good in football's globalisation, and uses Seattle as a prime example of that.


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