Friday, November 20, 2009

This is it! Some news for Friday the 20th

Space Needle MLS Cup 1

So this is what it comes down to after: hundreds of games, tears, fears, and anger. Boredom, crappy internet feeds, reading thousands of blog posts, pictures, drama in the stands, cheering, cursing, giving the one finger salutes, yelling at homer announcers, and listening to podcasts; you’re head is full of MLS, and that’s just fine because Sunday we’ve got the final, and then you can relax for a bit.

So without further ado, let’s get rolling. Whether you are in Seattle or your lazy ass is in your chair, there is plenty to take in.

The Schedule of Events (All Time Central Cause I Live in Kansas)
-RSL Press Conference
4.30pm, Live from

-Party with the DP bloggers (including Bruce!)
9pm, 5 dollar cover charge
1916 Post Alley
Seattle, WA
near Pike Place Market


-Supporters’ Summit
12:00pm, Streaming from
Live at Qwest Field West Club Lounge

There is a ton going on here, check out the official site above to get involved and find out about all the different pubs hosting events.

-Grant Wahl reads from the Beckham Experiment
George & Dragon soccer pub
Seattle, WA

-History of the MLS Cup
5pm, ESPN Classic


-FIFA 2010 Tournament
1pm to 3pm, 10 dollar entry fee
Fado Pub, 801 1st Ave

-Third Eye Blind
6.15pm, Free and Live
Outside Qwest Field

-MLSNet.Com Pregame
6.00pm, live on

-MLS Cup
7.30pm, ESPN
Los Angeles Galaxy v Real Salt Lake -
Venue: Qwest Field - Seattle WA
Referee: Kevin Stott

-MLSNet.Com Postgame
10.00pm, live on MLSNet.Com

Got other events you want to see on this page? Leave the info in the comments and I will add it.


Space Needle MLS Cup 2

I have to say it’s going to be a great match. Aside from playing on turf, this Cup should be a lot of fun. Although Beckham has shed much of his villain persona from very early in the season, he will still be douching it up all over the field with a haircut that looks like he tried to bring German disco to the backwoods folk of Arkansas

On one side we have a team with a couple of stars that even non-soccer people might recognize, and on the other, well, they might know that one of them has dreads.

One side has a legendary and winning coach while the other has a young upstart full of piss and vinegar (gross I know).

I’m looking forward to seeing it all play out.

dN’s MLS Cup Headquarters.


Seattle Times official online MLS Cup Headquarters.


Download the official MLS match guide (pdf).


The only preview you really need to read comes from Steve Davies over at


How’s the weather going to be this weekend? Well there is a slight possibility of some light showers.


The Cup Arrives in Seattle


On Thursday, the Galaxy pulled into town on a private jet. The official Galaxy blog has video and pictures.


Mr. Beckham is going to play this one injured and all hopped up on goofballs.


The Salt Lake Tribune has a great article on Nick Rimando in which they claim size doesn’t matter.



Advantage Played
See you on Monday for a full game analysis and a breakdown of what to look forward to in the offseason.

-Graham Fox (


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It's always important to identify the particular time zone, when listing a kick-off time for a match.

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