Sunday, November 15, 2009

The 2009 du Nord MLS Best 11

Here it is! The list you have all been waiting for!

du Nord MLS 2009 Best 11 - First String

Zach Thornton
Chad Marshall
Gino Padula
Jhon Kennedy Hurtado
Dwayne DeRosario
Shalrie Joseph
Brad Davis
Freddie Ljungberg
Landon Donovan
Omar Cummings
Jeff Cunnigham


du Nord MLS 2009 Best 11 - Second String

Pat Onstad
Geoff Cameron
Darrius Barnes
Omar Gonzalez
Steve Ralston
Stuart Holden
Jeff Larentowicz
Eddie Gaven
Dave van den Bergh
Conor Casey
Fredy Montero


du Nord MLS 2009 Best 11 - Third String
Kasey Keller
Gonzalo Segares
Eric Brunner
Carey Talley
Kyle Beckerman
Marco Pappa
Ricardo Clark
David Ferreira
Guillermo Barros Schelotto
Juan Pablo Angel
Robbie Findley


Anonymous jamesey said...

i like your teams, but Donovan Ricketts not among the top 3 goalkeepers? harsh!

10:02 PM  
Blogger chad said...

bullshit. rsl made the final and you still won't give them any credit.

1:13 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

no need to get angry chad - just tell me who from rsl would be on your list, and who would they replace

8:54 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

i like ricketts a lot jamesey - but i just thought those other 3 were better
he was damn close to making that list

who do you think he was better than?

8:55 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

I'm just upset you're only going with a 3 man defense. What the... ;-)

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Neal aka Lightning Striker said...

wow, the cackles are up over the duNord XI or XXXIII, that is FANTASTICO that the readers have such passion.

Thank you, Brucio, I love your blog. While I do not follow most of the links, I truely enjoy your sarcastic and snarky wit with which you bring us the news of the game we love from around the world.

Have a great time in Seattle for MLS Cup, and anyone else who's going to be there, be sure to find the gringo gigante, and do more than just say 'hello', have a bit of a chat, or buy him a Coke.

For all you do, CHEERS TO YOU, my fanatico friend in futbol.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Brucio's snark, too.

Unfortunately, Brucio has difficulty handling snark which is directed toward him.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous mchughes said...

WTF? Olave should be in front of Gino Padula. and Borchers ahead of fing Eric Brunner. Conde ahead of Carey talley.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't know who should or shouldn't be in the Top 11 or whatever. Unfortunately, there is no nice weekly MLS highlight show and most games aren't televised (those that are, are past my bedtime!--I can't stay up for a 11:25pm kickoff!).

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Thundergunner said...

3 very good lists overall.

I'm a little surprised by Padula over Cameron for the first team, but not surprised that he is on the list as he has put in a pretty good season. It is interesting that the league seems to be missing real standout veteran defenders and I have a hard time naming a player that should replace any of these listed here except for maybe Conde (who did miss a lot of games). I'd definitely not include Olave with his 3 red cards or Borcharts or the always-present Jimmy Conrad who had an off year by his standards.

I also don't really see Gaven and van den Bergh as 2nd teamers this year (over Ferreira and Schelotto!) and would have liked to see Osvaldo Alonso in at least the third team.

Finally, it is amazing not to see a DC United player on the list, and they can have no complaints about that. They need to clean shop. As do San Jose and KC, who also couldn't claim a top-33 player. Pathetic for those teams. Hopefully Wallace, Pontius, and Ryan Johnson can at least provide some future top players.

4:51 PM  
Blogger chad said...

fair enough.

1:52 AM  

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