Friday, June 05, 2009

USA vs Honduras Preview

Well our gracious host Bruce is off to party it up in Chicago so I (Graham of Advantage Played), am going to give you a little preview of your Saturday footballing action.


First, if you are in the Twin Cities metro area there is the usual watch party over at:
The Sweetwater Grill and Bar
at the Best Western Kelly Inn
161 Saint Anthony Ave
I-94 & Marion
St Paul
(651) 224-6373

If you want to watch with other USA fans check out the list of official soccer pubs. Otherwise go to any bar that has a TV. They all are on ESPN.


USA v Honduras
Hexagon Matchday 5
Saturday June 6
Kick off at 7pm Central, ESPN, ESPN360, The Internet
Live from Soldier Field in Chicago IL


Check out the Current CONCACAF Table

Upcoming CONCACAF fixtures

Colorado’s Conner Casey has been called up to the National Team. I love this move. If only he had been in Costa Rica.

Even if we lose to Honduras we will still stay up. Till next round. Let’s not make the last game a must win.

Watch out for the Wizard's Roger Espinoza who will be playing for Honduras. He's a badass.
Roger Espinoza Kills

Winning and Losing
There isn’t much you can do after Wednesday’s game but shake your head at the performances that were put in. The fear of yellow cards sunk deep into our hero’s hearts and left them quaking in their boots. Instead of pounding their influence deep into the bumpy turf they passed, tackled, committed, dribbled, and crossed like they didn’t really care that much. Exhaustion showed in their faces. When the “Oles” rang down they hung their heads in shame.

But still one bad performance is just that. There is time and room for redemption. We can’t be haters. The game is behind, the team needs our cheers. This time it will be different right? The USA will be at home, surrounded by support, on a field they are use to. They won’t have to face an extremely loud and hostile crowd.

Getting It Right

But how will Bradley fix the problems?
  1. First he should not start players who can’t get any time at all for their clubs. If you don’t get any playing time and just practice, a week or two of intense practice with the Nation Team isn’t going to help much.

  2. Don’t preach to the players too much about yellow cards. Yes, they are dangerous, and just two puts you out for the next game, a ridiculous rule. But without that edge and passion we have seen the consequences.

  3. Try and settle the players into their natural positions. Yes footballers can play more than one position. They have the experience, knowledge, and thousands upon thousands of hours of play and practice but still when told to do a job they are not 100 percent use to some will step up to the challenge and others will wandering in mediocrity. Make it easy for them. This is a team that doesn’t have the extensive time and practice to become a super solid group.
Ok everyone; go get your drink on. Go to a pub and yell, go the game and cheer, go to a local bar and chant till all the baseball fans glare at you. They are just jealous.

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Blogger Brian Elliott said...

Watch live streaming of USA vs Honduras at Super TV 4 PC.

7:21 PM  
Blogger aw said...


Just saw you in the crowd on ESPN pre-game! Wish I coud be there too.

7:22 PM  
Blogger digchros said...

Awesome close-up of Bruce in the pregame!

9:24 PM  

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