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Some News for Tue Jun 2


And now a message from Columbus Crew President & General Manager Mark McCullers:

June 1, 2009

Dear Crew Fans,

I have received numerous emails and letters from fans complaining about the language emanating from the supporters section. We have communicated the standards, policies and expectations of fan behavior to the supporters group leadership. We have used signage, flyers, public address announcements and the media to communicate that throwing objects onto the field and the organized chanting of profanity will not be tolerated. The core supporters have been cooperative, understand our position and have worked to assist us in communicating and influencing this undesired behavior. Unfortunately, the situation has continued and, in fact, seems to be escalating.

In 2008, the Nordecke emerged as a strong asset that provided energy and enthusiasm in the stadium. The players fed off that energy and the atmosphere contributed to our team’s home field advantage. Unfortunately, in 2009, the unacceptable behavior has become a detriment to the in-stadium environment and has negatively impacted the experience for many fans, especially young people who attend our games. This behavior neither supports the team nor contributes to our home-field advantage. Numerous fans have let me know in no uncertain terms that they will not attend another Crew match until the situation is resolved. The image of the stadium and the club has been compromised and this can not be allowed to continue.

Moving forward, we will continue to increase our security and crowd management presence in the supporters sections. Those who throw objects or participate in organized chants with profanity will be removed from the stadium and could be subjected to additional penalties. If the behavior persists, our next course of action will be to limit sales in the supporters sections. This would be an unfortunate course of action but one that would be necessary to ensure the positive image of the organization and the enjoyment of the match for all fans.

As always, I welcome your feedback.

Sincerest regards,

Mark E. McCullers
President & General Manager
Columbus Crew
Crew Stadium

What do you make of that?


World Cup Qualifying Matches:
-Wed Jun 3 - Matchday 4
Costa Rica v USA - from Estadio Ricardo Saprissa in San Jose CR - 9pm Central on ESPN & Galavision
Venue: Estadio Ricardo Saprissa - San Jose Costa Rica


What are the odds of the USA winning in Costa Rica? Since 2000 CR is 18-1-2 at Saprissa. And in this World Cup qualifying cycle they have outscored their opponents 16-0! Wow. How are our boys going to pull this one off? It will be great just to get 1 point. 3 would be so fantastic! Come on guys!


Houston's defensive midfielder Ricardo Clark has been added to the USA roster replacing the injured Maurice Edu.


Columbus's right fullback Frankie Hejduk is out of the match too.


So who starts at right back tomorrow? Spector? Wynne? Bueller? Who?


Jack Bell of the New York Times looks back at past USA performances in CR.


FIFA.com previews Costa Rica v USA.


The Costa Rican Newspaper Al Dia gives their idea of the 10 Strengths of the USA team:
1. The best team in CONCACAF.
2. Players like Landon Donovan and Jozy Altidore can disrupt the opponents.
3. The team is very consistent, and solid on tactics.
4. Strong mentally and will not crumble under pressure. IE. In El Salvador, came back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2.
5. Used to playing most of the time as a visiting team, even at home, so being the away team does not intimidate them.
6. Squad selection is very deep.
7. They are humble. Coach Bob Bradley has said that they have not won anything yet, and that each game is different.
8. Demand from & give respect to all rivals.
9. MLS has spawned a flurry of good players, like Brian Ching and Brad Guzan.
10. Every player on the team comes with the right attitude and they stick together as a group of winners.


US Soccer gives us Video and Photos from Monday night training session at Saprissa.


Official Blog
-Pictures from Saprissa, and some history on the place.


Frank Giase of the Newark Star Ledger looks at the really tough schedule ahead for our team over June and July.


Conor Casey of the Colorado Rapids was not only named Player Of The Week, but also Player Of The Month for May! Gold Cup here he comes!


Week 12 Matches:
-Thu Jun 4
DC United v New York Red Bulls - 6:30pm Central time on ESPN2 & ESPNDeportes
Venue: RFK Stadium - Washington DC


Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post talks to DC United owner Will Chang about his love of being a fan AND an owner. Really good stuff here.


The Daily of the University of Washington raves about how the beautiful game is being shown off in Seattle.


Rumor has it that Philadelphia's very first player signing could be former Colorado goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul. That would be underwhelming.


22 Carolina Railhawks
19 Charleston Battery
15 Portland Timbers
13 Rochester Rhinos
12 Puerto Rico Islanders
11 Vancouver Whitecaps
9 Austin Aztex
- - - (playoff cutoff) - - -
8 Montreal Impact
7 Miami FC Blues
4 Cleveland City Stars
3 Minnesota Thunder


Steve Nash rolls out the Showdown In Chinatown II! This gawkers heaven of an event is to benefit Nash's Football For Good and Athletes for Africa organizations.
-There is a great video clip too of Nash nutmegging some of the worlds greats! In one scene Nash appears to be getting some diving lessons from some genuine Italians!
-Video from last years game!


Nick Green of the Daily Breeze tells us about the amazing width and breadth of soccer fandom in southern California.


You know you want to own a piece of a soccer team in the USA - well here ya go.


Well, we can all settled down now cuz the USA bid for World Cup '18 or '22 is all but sealed up now that The Terminator has been added to the USA Bid Committee.


Ronald Blum writing for the Canadian Press with a nice article on another season of accomplishment for the Deuce - Clint Dempsey.


Oguchi Onyewu has filed a legal claim in a Brussels court against Anderlecht player Jelle Van Damme who allegedly called Onyewu a "dirty monkey" during a recent match.


The Aston Villa website has a short interview with goalkeeper Brad Guzan as his first season with the team comes to an end.


Carlos Bocanegra's Rennes has hired former Nice coach Frederic Antonetti as their new #1.


Jack Warner has been re-elected as President of CONCACAF, with Chuck Blazer re-elected as General Secretary. Both were also re-elected to the FIFA Executive Committee. In addition, Sunil Gulati (USA), Captain Horace Burrell (Jamaica) and Alfredo Hawit (Honduras) were re-elected to the CONCACAF executive committee. AKA More of the same.


Pachuca coach Enrique Meza has resigned. Rumors have him going to Cruz Azul. No word yet on who will be picked to next lead Los Tuzos, but Meza has left very big shoes to fill.


Canadian Championship tournament - Toronto can wrap up the title this week.
Montreal Impact, Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps face off. The winner of the two legged round robin tournament gets a spot in the 09/10 CONCACAF Champions League.

Match Schedule:
-Tue Jun 2
Vancouver v Toronto

Standings (4 game home & away round robin):
6 (+2) Toronto (2 played)
6 (+2) Vancouver (3 played)
OUT - 0 (-4) Montreal (3 played)


The Sport Review with an article on former MLS honcho Ivan Gazidis who is now a top dog at Arsenal - can he be the one to take them back to the #1 spot?


Michael Ballack has signed a contract extension to play for Chelsea again next season.


Simon Kuper of the Financial Times drools over the fabulous talents of Barcelona and Spain attacking midfielder Andres Iniesta.


Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune reports on the likelihood of new Real Madrid President Florentine Perez to spend the club straight back into a new Galacticos phase, and the rest of the big spending European teams following suit.


UEFA will have 6 [CORRECTED] referees work the games next season in their new Europa League (replaces UEFA Cup). The 2 extras will cover the penalty boxes and goal lines.


France honored the 200th birthday of Louis Braille who invented the alphabet for the blind by wearing shirts with their names in Braille in the game against Nigeria today.


Christoph Daum has been hired as the new coach of Fenerbahce.


Gregory Sica of Sports Illustrated says now that Lionel Messi has conquered club football this season, he can concentrate on Argentine World Cup qualifying.


Reuters reports that Adriano, just 2 days after scoring his first goal for his new team Flamengo, has missed the teams practice session today without being excused. He really is a mess isn't he.


Tim Vickery of the BBC tells us about the formidable pair of centerbacks from Ecuador who he compares to some all time greats.


Tom Dunmore with a great story on a new professional league in the ravaged country of Burma. The league is set up by the dictators in charge to propagandize their country.


Associated Press tells us all about FIFA's annual congress going on right now in the Bahamas. What's on the table? What's off the table? What's under the table?


The 12 cities have been named in Brazil that will host games for the 2014 World Cup. They are:
Belo Horizonte
Porto Alegre
Rio de Janeiro
Sao Paulo
-Here is a map showing where each of these cities is located.


Matches & Scores
-Wed Jun 3
Costa Rica v USA
-Sat Jun 6
Trinidad & Tobago v Costa Rica - legendary player Russell Latapy's first game in charge of T&T.
El Salvador v Mexico
USA v Honduras
-Wed Jun 10
Honduras v El Salvador
Mexico v Trinidad and Tobago


CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Standings (after 3 of 10 rounds):
6 Costa Rica
4 Honduras
3 Mexico
2 El Salvador
2 Trinidad & Tobago


Group standings for all regions.


Matches & Scores
-Mon Jun 1
Uzbekistan 0-0 Bosnia-Herzegovina
China 1-0 Iran
-Tue Jun 2
France v Nigeria
United Arab Emirates v Germany
Turkey v Azerbaijan
Oman v South Korea
-Wed Jun 3
Tanzania v New Zealand
Bahrain v Jordan
Antigua & Barbuda v Guyana


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Anonymous Neal said...

any one hear word of an unruly group of fans breaking in to a training ground and beating their team for their poor lack of display in the last couple of weeks? I heard this from an acquaintance, but did not read on Du Nord, so did it really happen?

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Neal said...

oh, yes, my take on the profanity from the Crew fans ... abolish the profanity, and your chants and zingers will truely carry more weight, for you've really got to think before you holler, and often you'll get the substitutes bench rolling in laughter - or inititate a player to melt down (Adam Braz or a Dusosky twin are prime examples)

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Bill Urban said...

UEFA will have 5 referees work the games next season in their new Europa League (replaces UEFA Cup). The 2 extras will cover the penalty boxes and goal lines.


Would that not be six match officials per match, then? Ref, two assistant refs, fourth official, and two box/goal line officials?

5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

McCullers is alienating the most loyal Crew fans to please the occasionally visiting soccer mom. Teach your kids that profanity is not acceptable and the problem will disappear in just a few decades on its own.

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Daum unexpectedly left Koeln to take this job? The cocaine must be alot better in Turkey.

7:49 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

thanks bill
i forgot about that lazy "4th official" - he just stands around all game chatting to coaches & players etc

8:48 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Quick quibble: Burma is in Asia, not Africa.

As far as C-Bus is concerned, if I were the front office and the supporter's groups, I would spend some time talking with Section 8 in Chicago. They've dealt with a lot of crazy in the last two years or so.

I don't really think that profanity is bad when screamed by the odd supporter, but I wonder why supporters groups would incorporate swearing into their chants. Again, don't care so much about individuals, but hearing an entire section scream profanity at a sustained rate is kind of annoying, to be honest. As said above, non-profane taunts are much funnier most of the time.

At college my entire dorm turns out to watch the soccer team play and we heckle the whole game long. One of our rules is no swearing because we don't want to get banned. That rules makes some of the stuff that buys come up with priceless.

As far as throwing things on the pitch is concerned, I would hope that everyone can agree that that's just stupid and dangerous. I don't care how much you paid for your ticket or how well paid the athlete is, no one deserves to be disrespected that much.

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Neal said...

Is this profanity:
Often my favorite release of frustration during long scoring droughts.

Peace, futbol and read DU NORD daily.

6:18 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

of course Burma is in Asia - doh
thank you for correcting that Chris
I always appreciate a helping hand with my laziness

9:47 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

also, chris said:
"At college my entire dorm turns out to watch the soccer team play and we heckle the whole game long. One of our rules is no swearing because we don't want to get banned. That rules makes some of the stuff that buys come up with priceless."

this is the same rule we have in the supporters section for minnesota thunder games and opposing players are always cracking up on their bench

9:48 AM  

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