Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Soccer Podcasts You Need To Be Checking Out

Hey there fellow futbol fanaticos,

I want to bring your attention to 2 very strong podcasts that I have added to my list recently (right hand column):

-The Winning Ugly Radio Show A weekly podcast with roundtable style discussion from Erik, Sandra, Scott & Zach, plus exciting guests, of the game from the USA and the world. Contains a healthy does of disrespect & cynicism to go along with the passion & knowledge.

-The European Football Show A weekly podcast covering the latest domestic and international action across Europe starring experts Dave Farrar, Gabriele Marcotti and Ben Lyttleton.

I highly recommend that you add them to your rotation as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you post any European Football Show MP3s (or upload to multiupload), since the link no longer leads to active downloads?

11:46 PM  

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