Monday, April 27, 2009

Strange Days in Mexico City

Got an email from Andrew MacDonald in Mexico City this weekend:

Things around here have seemed quite surreal the last couple of days.

How's this for futbol news...the Pumas vs. Chivas game at CU, and the America vs. Tecos game at Azteca are going to be played behind closed doors because of this flu epidemic that´s killed 60 people here in Mexico City. It´s some new strain of flu.

They also canceled all school yesterday (Friday) for the first time since the monster earthquake of 1985. The streets are very quiet, with residents being advised to stay inside, and lots of people are wearing face masks.

Strange days, Andrew

Andrew MacDonald contributed a great piece to us at du Nord last week on his adventurous trip to a Club Amerca v UNAM Pumas derby match in the DF.


Anonymous joe j said...

It was very weird watching Club America v Tecos sunday on TV. I thought that red card given to the Tecos was bunk, btw.

There was one fan in the stands, made of bronze. I don't know his backstory, but he had his gear on...

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruce, I am a huge fan of dN and I live in Oaxaca, where the first case of this disease was found, actually I live a few blocks from the hospital where she died. I am most worried about how the government has lied so much and the media has decided to scare instead of properly inform. Taking precautions is always good, but still, more people died in traffic accidents here in the birth city of this flu than of this flu. It is surreal, people covered, the army surrounding the hospital, the helicopters, the bold print capital letters on all the newspapers etc. And who knows why it only kills Mexicans. government. Economy and Drug war not looking too good? Revolutionaries arming up? Would it happen to be teacher striking season in the South of Mexico? Well, at least now when I watch Mexican football on t.v. I can hear what the players are shouting to each other during the game, I was very surprised by the efficiency and the intelligence behind the short shouted communications.

Well, good luck everyone. Don't worry.

2:12 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

thanks for the words from Oaxaca

i think we all really appreciate hearing news from fellow humans rather than just news corporations and governments

and on a lighter note - i too love it when i can hear the players yelling to each other, gives a whole new insight

3:28 PM  

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