Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Pick & Flick News

Hey, sorry for the short entry. I dont have the best internet access today, so I am only giving the details from last nights MLS semifinal game and few other items of note.

Columbus fills the first spot in the MLS Cup final match. Next weekend in Los Angeles you can expect to see yellow shirts everywhere, filled with people working on their tans, and cheering for their Crew.

MLS Semifinal #1

-Thu Nov 13
Columbus 2-1 Chicago - CC goals by Chad Marshall & Eddie Gaven. CF goal by Brian McBride.
Attendance: 14,688
Venue: Crew Stadium, Columbus OH
Match report by Shawn Mitchell of the Columbus Dispatch.
Match report by Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune.
Match report by Nick Firchau of the Chicago Sun Times.
Post game notes, and more post game notes by Mitchell on his blog Covering The Crew.
Post game notes, and more post game notes by Arroyave on his blog The Red Card.
Post game analysis by Michael Arace of the Dispatch.
Day after analysis by Arace on his blog Arace On Hockey And Other Stuff. -Too bad Arace namechecks to that pinhead Jamie Trecker as a soccer writing role model.

My Notes From The Big Game

-The first half was won by Chicago who took over after an even initial 15 minutes. But the most damage they could do was one goal. I doubted that would hold up.
-The second half was all Crew. They dominated from the opening whistle and never looked back. Impressive indeed.
-The biggest surprise in the whole game was the complete lack of impact from Chicago's Chris Rolfe. A day or two before the game he was christened Mr. ESPN2 by the media, and then he didn't show up making his proclaimers look silly. What made it look even worse is that in the dying moments he was subbed out for Marco Pappa who instantly put a great shot on goal, and created a second chance moments later. If Rolfe had done even a little of that during his 88 minutes on the field it might have been a different outcome.
-Word from the field immediately after the game is that Chicago keeper Jon Busch said some unpleasant things to Columbus coach Coach Sigi Schmid. Busch was released by Schmidt from the Crew before the 07 season. Sore losers tend to act like that.
-It sure sounded to me like the TV announcers said Chicago and Cuauhtemoc Blanco had agreed to a contract to keep him with the Fire next season.
-A big adios to Chicago defender Diego Gutierrez. A great player, and even greater human being, who is now retired from playing the game he loves.

The other Semifinal

-Sat Nov 15
Salt Lake v New York - 8:30pm central time on FSC


Bayern Munich coach Juergen Klinsmann on Landon Donovan: "He's THE really exceptional player in North America, including Mexico."

Other Bits Of World News

-DC United has sent midfielder Fred on loan to Wellington FC Phoenix of the A League.
-Chelsea forward Didier Drogba has been charged by the FA with improper conduct for throwing a coin back into the stands after a spectator had thrown it at him first.
-Bunyodkor has won the Uzbekistan league. They are the team that signed Rivaldo, and talked about signing Samuel Eto'o.
-Carlos Bocanegra and Rennes host Freddy Adu and Monaco on Sunday.
-Diego Maradona says he is not going to resign from the Argentina head coaches position.
-Colorado Rapids defender Jose Burciaga was named MLS Humanitarian of the Year.
-Philadelphia breaks ground on their new stadium December 1.
-Graham Jones of the LA Times rounds up all the Donovan-Bayern stories from this week into one article.

Big Weekend Matches Around The World

France Ligue 1
-Sun Nov 16
Lyon v Bordeaux - supposed contenders take on the league leading 7 time defenders

England Premier League
-Sat Nov 15
Arsenal v Aston Villa - two teams who want to be right near the top at the end.
Fulham v Tottenham - another of the London derbies.

German Bundeliga
-Sat Nov 15
Bayer Leverkusen v Schalke - two teams who very much want to challenge FC Hollywood for the title.

Italy Serie A
-Sun Nov 16
Roma v Lazio - the Roman derby!

Next Week

Don't forget about World Cup qualifiers and International friendlies going on across the globe next Wednesday!

Put A Lid On It

Let's end today with Jonah Freedman of Sport Illustrated and his World Club Soccer Power Rankings. To me #1 is pretty obvious.


Blogger 12th man said...

Great stuff as always this week. We are forever greatful. Hope you can find more coverage on mid-week international matches as well as MLS Cup.

1:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brucio wrote;
"Word from the field immediately after the game is that Chicago keeper Jon Busch said some unpleasant things to Columbus coach Coach Sigi Schmid. Busch was released by Schmidt from the Crew before the 07 season. Sore losers tend to act like that."

So if pissy left wing protesters break windows, spray graffiti, and throw rocks at people who are peacefully entering the GOP convention in the Twin Cities, you characterize them as merely voicing their opinions, but if a soccer goalie talks a little trash at a former coach, then he's a jerk, right ?

Ha, ha, ha, Brucio, you are a character "straight" (pun) out of a George Orwell novel.

...and I bet you would characterize the enraged anti-Proposition 8 protesters who are sending envelopes of white powder to Mormon churches as people who are just expressing themselves, rather than "sore losers," right ?

Ha, ha, ha.

You crack us up. Keep up the, uh, work.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ give it a fucking rest you moron. It was old when you first decided to start posting this shit any chance you got. You bring a whole new meaning to the term "sore loser"

7:53 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

i dont mind people like "anonymous" continuing to come here and bash the hell out of me
its keeps me focused
this person is full of rage and hopefully this is an outlet to blow off steam, much better than beating the kids
and if we ever meet in person i hope this person has the guts to identify themselves
i would like to have a real face to face conversation with this person
my name and picture are out there to be found, and i tell people where i am going to be in public all the time
but will we ever meet on a level playing field?
i highly doubt it
such is the life of an angry coward

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Hey anonymous, if you really want Bruce to crack you up real good meet him at the Sweety sometime for a match and listen to him do his comedy routine about people who go by the name "anonymous".

I feel real bad for anyone whose parents would name them "anonymous". That's gotta be rough...

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" makes a valid point, but to find fault with Bruce and insult him and his top-notch work is wrong and unwarranted, and therefore deserves the bashing and criticism he is receiving.

8:06 PM  

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