Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reveal The Secrets News

Houston defender Eddie Robinson follows yesterdays blustery quotes with more of the same today (after beating San Jose 2-1): “Not only did we want to win tonight, we wanted to knock them out of the playoffs. That's one down; Saturday we got L.A. to do the same thing. That's the goal." See more in the Houston Dynamo section.


The brilliantly cruel and hysterical blog Dan Loney Say It All gives us the MLS Anti-Awards. He lives in LA so that's why you see a touch of Galaxy bias. Also, the comment section is equally funny: "The Donald Rumsfeld Lifetime Achievement Award" nominees - Alexi Lalas, New York's Front Office, Colorado's Front Office and the Ghost of Eddie Johnson Present. Again, brilliant.


Ray Hudson on Barcelona’s bid for MLS in Miami: "Barcelona doesn't just throw a hat into the ring; they throw a major sombrero." Read more in the MLS Expansion section.

Team USA

Matches & Scores:
-Wed Oct 15
Trinidad & Tobago 2-1 USA - T&T goals by Russell Latapy & Dwight Yorke(PK). USA goal by Charlie Davies.
Attendance: 18,000
Venue: Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Match report by US Soccer.
Match report by Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America.
Match report and USA player ratings by Jeff Carlisle of ESPN Soccernet.
Match report from the Associated Press. via USA Today.
Player ratings for USA by Mahoney.
Player ratings for both teams from
Post game analysis by Ives Galarcep of Soccer by Ives.
Official Team Blog
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My thoughts on the game:
-The volume of the complaining around the internets is quite loud today. The Bradley bashing is in full swing etc etc. I am not a Bradley basher, but it doesn't mean I am not unhappy.
-I have always respected Frankie Hejduk for his tireless effort, positive attitude and dogged pursuit of the opposition. But last night the USA needed a right back who could simply cross the ball. And Frankie has never ever been able to do that properly. He had at least 6 great chances to make big plays happen and the team got nothing at all from it. That is unacceptable. I have a strong belief that Marvell Wynne could have gotten the job done.
-With all those young guys on the field you would think they could have pressed the game a lot harder than they did. T&T played several old guy that should have been gassed long before time came for them to score. The effort was not good enough.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here was the starting 11:
Hejduk Califf Orozco Pearce
Kljestan Torres Edu Beasley
Altidore Adu
-And here is the starting 11 I wanted to see (posted on du Nord 2 days ago):
Wynne Califf Orozco Pearce
Kljestan Edu Torres Beasley
Altidore Adu
-Looks pretty familiar, the only difference is that the right back they chose had the worst game of any player on the team.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I really hope we see most of these same players next month v Guatemala.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here are the 4 players who dressed but did not see the field: Subs: Jonathan Bornstein, Brian Carroll, Troy Perkins & Marvell Wynne.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

du Nord 3 (6) Stars Of The Game

3. DaMarcus Beasley - His experience was very evident on both sides of the ball, and with very little help from teammates he was forced to do a lot of work. He did it all as best he could.
2. Freddy Adu, Jozy Altidore & Charlie Davies - Moments of joy and pain. Jozy committed a foul for a PK, but also set up Davies. Davies came in and showed his lightning speed has been connected to a cool head now. And Freddy got the ball in many good spots, but his teammates were not much help. Imperfect, but the potential is all there, we just need to see it soon. How about next month v Guatemala.
1. Dwight Yorke & Russell Latapy - combined age of 76. Combined soccer IQ top of the charts. Giving a lesson to the young punks, and giving their team a win when they desperately needed it.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Schedule

Matches & Scores:
-Wed Oct 15
Trinidad & Tobago 2-1 USA
Cuba 2-1 Guatemala
Jamaica 1-0 Honduras
Canada 2-2 Mexico
El Salvador 3-0 Surinam
Costa Rica 2-0 Haiti
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Standings after 4 of 6 matches:
Group 1
*12 USA
8 Trinidad & Tobago
5 Guatemala
x3 Cuba
Group 2
10 Mexico
9 Honduras
7 Jamaica
x4 Canada
Group 3
*15 Costa Rica
*10 El Salvador
x2 Haiti
x1 Suriname
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

El Salvador joins the USA & Costa Rica in the Hexagon.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS Scoreboard

Week 30
Matches & Scores:
-Wed Oct 15
Houston 2-1 San Jose - HD goals both by Stuart Holden. SJE goal by Scott Sealy.
Attendance: 12,327
Venue: Robertson Stadium, Houston TX
Match report by Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle.
Match report by Jay Hipps of Center Line Soccer.
-Thu Oct 16
DC v New England - 6:30pm central on ESPN2
Venue: RFK Stadium, Washington DC
Match preview by Jeff Carlisle of ESPN Soccernet.
Match preview by Steven Goff of the Washington Post.
-Sat Oct 18
Toronto v Chicago - 2:30pm central on Direct Kick
Venue: BMO Field, Toronto ON
New York v Columbus - 6:30pm central on Direct Kick
Venue: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford NJ
Kansas City v San Jose - 7pm central on Direct Kick
Venue: CommunityAmerica Ballpark, Kansas City KS
Houston v Los Angeles - 7:30pm central on HDNet & Direct Kick
Venue: Robertson Stadium, Houston TX
Salt Lake v Dallas - 8pm central on FSC
Venue: Rio Tinto Stadium, Sandy UT
-Sun Oct 19
Chivas v Colorado - 2pm central on TeleFutura
Venue: Home Depot Center, Carson CA
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Kei Kamara - Houston Dynamo - Red Card
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle on his blog Soccer y futbol has the story of a scrap between San Jose defender Nick Garcia (long known as one of the dirties players, yet biggest cry babies in the league) and Houston forward Kei Kamara (Red Carded in the 11th minute for throwing an elbow). Sounds like a lot of sour grapes and personal issues to me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

League Standings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS News


Midfielder Marco Pappa scored a goal for Guatemala last night in their 2-1 loss at Cuba. They lost to Cuba!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The official team blog does a Q & A with forward Alecko Eskandarian.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Shawn Mitchell of the Dispatch reports that the potential Crew investors have dropped their bid for an expansion team in Las Vegas. And, talks on a new practice facility continue.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alejandro Moreno scored for Venezuela as they beat Ecuador 3-1 in World Cup qualifying.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


James Edward of the Deseret News on their RSL Blog reminisces about the days when forward Jeff Cunningham roamed the field in Utah.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Defender Bryan Namoff will not play tonight due to suspension from Yellow Card accumulation.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jeff Agoos, a long time DCU defender and current team exec for the Red Bulls will be inducted into DC's Hall of Tradition before tonight's game.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


A Big Soccer poster called yossarin gave us this picture from last night's Houston game. Great job.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Corey Ashe and Geoff Cameron look better every time they step on the field. They are great fun to watch.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bernardo Fallas of the Chronicle with team notes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Boston Globe gives us the latest on the never ending story of a possible stadium for the Rev's more in the city of Boston.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyle McCarthy of the Boston Herald looks at Rev-life without Steve Ralston for the rest of this season. They fell off my list of teams that can win it all the moment I heard his leg was broken.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer does a short Q & A with coach Juan Carlos Osorio.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune talks to forward Chad Barrett who admits he was initially not very happy about being shipped out of Chicago. But now he loves it with TFC.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Midfielder Carl Robinson writing for his hometown paper, The County Times.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Toronto Sun reviews the jobs being done by all sports general managers in Toronto. Mo gets hammered, but finishes better than 2 others.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle looks at the full playoff picture with just 2 rounds left to play.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS Expansion News

Michelle Kaufman of the Miami Herald talks to people in the local soccer scene to see what they think about Barcelona trying to bring MLS back to their city.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jack Bell of the New York Times blog Goal examines the 7 groups who bid for MLS teams.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyle McCarthy at tells us his thoughts on the 7 courters.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sports radio in Toronto had an audio interview with George Gillet who is part owner of Liverpool FC and is also a part of Montreal's MLS bid.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My thoughts on expansion:
My preferences have always been, and remain unchanged: Portland and St Louis. I want another midwest team to increase the fervor. Between MLS & USL-1 there are only 3 teams in the whole midwest, we need more juice to get this thing burning. And I like Portland for the fact that the team would be nearly kings of the city (the Trailblazers being their pro competition), and their USL-1 fans are incredibly rabid - Torontoesque. But Barcelona changes everything. How is MLS going to turn them down. They simply can't. I think Miami is a disaster waiting to happen, but if they don't build their own stadium, then in 3 or 4 years they can move the team to Atlanta! And how can you deny Montreal and Vancouver. Strong ownership, strong soccer community, and USL-1 success up the whazoo. That leaves Ottawa. Thanks but no thanks.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soccer In America

I am going to toot my own horn here - I want to remind the world that back on Feb 4 2007 in an interview that I gave to Adam Spangler of This Is American Soccer I predicted that the World Cup would not come to America again until 2022!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mexico & FMF News

Bring me the head of the Swede!!!!!!!!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andrea Canales at Sideline Views translates for us the unhappy words of FMF President Justino Compean, which were posted on the federations own website. Wow.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

South American News

Fernando Duarte of the Guardian brings more pain down on the head of Dunga as Brazil draw 0-0 at home against Colombia.
-They have played 3 home games this year, and all have ended 0-0. Oof.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying

Matches & Scores:
-Wed Oct 15
Brazil 0-0 Colombia
Chile 1-0 Argentina
Paraguay 1-0 Peru
Venezuela 3-1 Ecuador
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Standings - After 10 of 18 rounds:
23 Paraguay
17 Brazil
16 Argentina
16 Chile
13 Uruguay
12 Ecuador
11 Colombia
10 Venezuela
9 Bolivia
7 Peru

England News

The BBC has an article with Beckman praising the qualities of England coach Don Fabio, who has taken the team to a place of confidence.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Star Liverpool forward Fernando Torres will be out of action for the next 2+ weeks with a hamstring strain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soccer Training Info has an article showing the effectiveness of a role player like John O'Shea of Manchester United. They call him both a Swiss Army Knife, and Homer Simpson!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

UEFA World Cup Qualifying

Matches & Scores:
-Wed Oct 15
Portugal 0-0 Albania
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Top European League Leaders

Bundesliga - 7 of 34 rounds played
16 Hamburg
13 Hoffenheim
13 Stuttgart
12 Bayer Leverkusen
12 Schalke
12 Borussia Dortmund
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Premiership - 7 of 38 rounds played
17 Chelsea
17 Liverpool
14 Hull
13 Arsenal
13 Aston Villa
12 West Ham
12 Portsmouth
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ligue 1 - 8 of 38 rounds played
19 Lyon
17 Toulouse
16 Marseille
14 Le Mans
14 Bordeaux
14 Lille
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Serie A - 6 of 38 rounds played
13 Lazio
13 Udinese
13 Inter
12 Palermo
12 Atlanta
11 Napoli
11 Catania
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

La Liga - 6 of 38 rounds played
16 Valencia
16 Villarreal
14 Sevilla
13 Barcelona
13 Real Madrid
11 Almeria
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

World News

Jonah Freedman of Sports Illustrated is back with the latest edition of the World Cup Soccer Power Rankings.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Road To World Cup 2010 - South Africa News

Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune rounds up yesterday's qualifiers.


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