Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sigi Smalls News


Hey y'all. SF from The Offside Rules in for Il Bruce as he traverses his way across the midwest. He's on his way back home from last night's US match in Chicago so let's start there. Then we'll hit some MLS stuff. Then that's it because frankly I feel too disconnected to the Mexican and Euro leagues right know to even bother; long-distance relationships (no matter how hot she is) kinda suck. So here we...

US v. Trinidad & Tobago

Sacha Kljestan's got the sweaty post game comment's straight from the pitch.

Jeff Carlisle chimes in on the seldom-seen "offensive behavior" that the Yanks exhibited. He also says that The Beas' is back so throw a party.

Ives Galarcep has 5 talking points from the game including your daily affirmation that Kenny Cooper needs another call-up.

USA Today's Beau D. says the boys didn't dazzle, but got her done. says that we've learned something from this match. I'll tell you what I learned: Chicago can sell out Bridgeview for a Fire game but not for a US National team World Cup Qualifier and that's messed up.

Steve Cherundolo is a low-expectation-having son of a bitch who thinks that the US start to qualifying is "as good as you can get". Honestly, I think they could have been much better in the 1st two matches but that's just me.

Eddie Johnson is trying to get his swagger back. I hope he does for the good of the soccer nation because Bob Bradley is gonna keep calling him & calling him & calling him....

MLS Stuff

The Rev's take on Chivas USA tonight and then finally get something of a break. They are also auctioning off the jerseys from tonight's game for charity.

TFC keeper Greg Sutton says his side needs to play with more 'grit'. I concur. asks what's in a name? If you are a Philly soccer fan you may just be asking "what is our name?"

The NY Mets Fred Wilpon is still in play for an expansion team in Queens. Cue 23 pages of messageboard speculation on MLS to Queens.

You have to watch this video; Scot Lake City seems like a fun town.

And while we are having fun, this is the funniest blog around.

Other Stuff

Portland Timbers go through keepers like Lindsay Lohan goes through bags of blow. They are on their forth this season.

Blanco got his 100th cap last night, then promptly retired from international play. It's gonna be all Fire, all the time now.

That's all I got...feel free to pile on in the comments.


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holy crap.

my two favorite blogs are now one!

i think i just pee'd a little...

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Update on Steve Morrow:

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