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Grey Is Not A Colour For Eating News

I look forward to seeing all of you in Chicago on Wednesday night!!


Michael Essien has blown out his ACL while playing for Ghana, and will be out for at least the rest of 2008. Details from the BBC.


World Cup Champion Italian flopper Fabio Grosso on the dive he took in the Penalty Box against Australia in the last World Cup: "Instinctively, despite the fatigue, I forced myself to drive into the opposing box and, I swear this is true even though many people don't believe it, the Australian player caught me totally deliberately with his shoulder and I went down. A clear penalty." Only guilty people talk like that. Read more in the European News - Italy section.


South & North Korea face off Wednesday in World Cup qualifying.

Team USA

Matches & Scores:
-Wed Sep 10
USA v Trinidad & Tobago - live at 7pm cetnral on ESPN2 - join me in the stands in Chicago.
Venue: Toyota Park, Bridgeview IL
Match preview by Jeff Carlisle of Soccernet.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune with an article on midfielders Michael Bradley & Maurice Edu. It's kind of a 2-for-1 article.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Arroyave on his blog the Red Card talks to goal keeper Tim Howard.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Frank Giase of the Newark Star Ledger is OK with the USA playing it safe on the road, as long as they let the team loose at home.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Orrin Schwarz of Chicago's Daily Herald tells the locals to "come on out and see the USA Boys Soccer Team!". Go Team Go!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dwight Yorke has been deleted from the T&T roster for the game on Wednesday night because his club team, Sunderland, demanded he return, and Yorke obliged them.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Trinidad And Tobago Guardian on their teams preparations.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Trinidad And Tobago Express says the team needs to turn things around after a home draw with Guatemala on Saturday.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Trinidad And Tobago Express with an article on the teams hottest player Keon Daniel.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Official team blog.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USA is tied at #16 with Romania in the new ELO Rankings that came out Monday. T&T are ranked 72nd.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Schedule & Standings

Matches & Scores:
-Wed Sep 10
USA v Trinidad & Tobago
Guatemala v Cuba
Honduras v Jamaica
Mexico v Canada
Surinam v El Salvador
Haiti v Costa Rica
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

FIFA.com with a little CONCACAF review/preview.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Group Standings after 2 of 6 games played:
4 Trinidad & Tobago
1 Guatemala
0 Cuba
6 Mexico
3 Honduras
1 Canada
1 Jamaica
6 Costa Rica
3 El Salvador
1 Haiti
1 Surinam
(top 2 from each group advance to the final group stage)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS Scoreboard

Week 25
Matches & Scores:
-Thu Sep 11
New England v Chivas USA - 6pm central on ESPN2
-Sat Sep 13
Toronto v Columbus - 2:30pm central on Direct Kick
Kansas City v Los Angeles - 4pm central on HDNet
DC v Dallas - 6:30pm central on FSC
New York v Salt Lake - 6:30pm central on Direct Kick
San Jose v Houston - 9pm central on Direct Kick
-Sun Sep 14
Colorado v Chicago - 2pm central on TeleFutura
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

League Standings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS News


Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune on his blog The Red Card reports that midfielder Justin Mapp has signed a 4 year contract extension.
-Arroyave also points out that the Fire is 3-0 with Cuauhtemoc Blanco in the lineup.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Michael Arace of the Dispatch writes about the importance and the dominance of the Crew's win over the Revs.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


FCD has given defender Drew Moor a new improved contract.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Bernardo Fallas of the Chronicle says the teams acquisition of forward Kei Kamara has been mutually beneficial.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The KC Star says tickets sales for the Wizards home game against LA featuring David Beckham are 24% behind where the sales were last year at this time. They wonder if Beckham's appeal is waning. Which is shocking seeing all the great coverage the media in KC gives the team. [end sarcasm]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The teams official blog tries to gives us an idea of what is going on behind the scenes after a long and painful few weeks for the club on the field. Since winning the SuperLiga they have been downright awful most of the time.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Dylan Butler at Big Apple Soccer reports that a staph infection kept Mike Magee off his home town field yet again last weeked when the team went to Chicago. He had 100 family & friends going to the game.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Metrofanatic gives us an early peak at the leading candidates for NYRB Hero and Bum Of The Year.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Red Bull Arena construction web cam. It doesn't look like much yet, but at least you can kinda tell what they are buidling. Right?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And the teams official blog Red Bull Reader has a hilarious video clip of defender Gabriel Cichero getting a shaving cream pie to the face during an interview. Ah, the old baseball trick. Still a classic.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


After scoring an early goal against LA on Saturday night (which moments later got wiped out for offside) striker Fabian Espindola did his usual running tumbling spinning back flipping celebration, only to land all wrong and badly roll his ankle. That was it for him. And although its not broken, he could be on the shelf for many more weeks. But coach Jason Kreis was in no position to complain about the boneheaded move though, seeing as he did the same celebration after most of his 108 career goals. Espindola has said he is embarrassed and will never do it again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jay Hipps at Center Line Soccer reports that even though SJE won again last Saturday (they have not lost in 8), they were NOT celebrating in the lockerroom after the game.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The National Post tells us how it came to be that Ricky Titus ended up in the TFC first 11 last weekend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Columbus's star midfielder Guillermo Barros Schelotto was named Player Of The Week. Again. For the 4th time this season.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Grahame Jones of the LA Times lets the reader fire away at MLS head honchos this week.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nick Green of the Daily Breeze in Southern California joins in on taking a poke at MLS HQ for the awful scheduling this past weekend, with shells-of-teams playing against each other inferiorly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Steve Davis at MLSnet looks at how managers around the league dealt with all the missing players. (32 in all)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Davis writing for Soccernet gives us Five things to note from MLS Week 24.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kyle McCarthy of Goal.com with his weekly review of the league.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL First Division News

The official USL Team Of The Week.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Minnesota Thunder

Our goalkeeper Nic Platter & defender Stephen DeRoux make the leagues best 11 this week!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL First Division Scoreboard

Matches & Scores:
-Mon Sep 8
Montreal 2-0 Portland
-Wed Sep 10
Seattle v Montreal
-Thu Sep 11
Portland v Charleston
-Fri Sep 12
Rochester v Puerto Rico
-Sat Sep 13
Minnesota v Charleston
Seattle v Atlanta
Vancouver v Montreal
-Sun Sep 14
Carolina v Rochester
-Tue Sep 16
Montreal v Puerto Rico
-Wed Sep 17
Miami v Rochester
-Fri Sep 19
Charleston v Carolina
Puerto Rico v Atlanta
-Sat Sep 20
Carolina v Portland
Minnesota v Montreal
Seattle v Vancouver
-Sun Sep 21
Miami v Atlanta
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL First Division Standings

Points - Team - Games played of 30 (goal difference):
49 Puerto Rico (27)
47 Vancouver (28)
40 Rochester (27)
39 Seattle (29)
37 Montreal (26) (+7)
37 Charleston (27) (+2)
33 Minnesota (28)
- - - - - - - - -
32 Atlanta (27)
31 Portland (28)
30 Carolina (27)
28 Miami (27)
(The top 7 teams advance to the playoffs.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soccer In America

Pat Walsh at Goal.com wonders if an American can coach in Europe.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Luis Bueno of the Press Enterprise sees no changes ahead in World Cup qualifying in the region. I disagree. I am only slightly less pessimistic and think Honduras could knock Costa Rica out this time. Just a hunch.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mexico & FMF News

Midfield ace Pavel Pardo has a partially torn ligament in his right knee and has left the Mexican national team to rejoin his club Stuttgart in Germany for further evaluation.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jack Bell of the New York Times blog Goal looks at a broadcasting squabble over FMF rights in the USA. The number of viewers is substantial, and the money a real question. It has ended up in court.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

South American News

CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers
Matches & Scores:
-Tue Sep 9
Paraguay v Venezuela
-Wed Sep 10
Uruguay v Ecuador
Chile v Colombia
Peru v Argentina
Brazil v Bolivia
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Group Standings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

England News

Robbie Keane has been given a good old fashioned Liverpool welcome. His house was broken into and robbed while he was out of town playing for Liverpool. He is the 6th player from Liverpool FC to have this done to him. Aaaaaah, Scousers.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kevin McCarra of the Guardian feels that winning ugly might not be such a bad thing for Fabio Capello and England.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It looks like Italian Gianfranco Zola will be given the head coaches job at West Ham.
-Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune raves about Zola, but takes a while to get around to it.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another Guardian article looks at the silence coming from the Premier League management in a time when the league is going through giant amounts of ownership, manager and transfer deal insanity.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

European News

There has been talk of a possible terrorist attack on the Georgian team as they play in Milan against Italy on Wednesday night. It might be all hype but security people seem to be taking it pretty serious.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Earth Times with an astonishing article on German club Hamburg, who have opened a cemetary for their fans!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Gazzetta talks to Italy coach Marcelo Lippi about his teams preparedness for the match against Georgia. We are ready got come out fighting, he says.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the ongoing ripples of traveling fan bans, Fiorentina fans will not be allowed at Naples this weekend, and Catania fans will travel on a private not public train to Milan for a game against Inter.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

FIFA.com does a Q & A with one of the most flagrant divers of all time Fabio Grosso. He talks about Italy, Lyon and the dive he took in the World Cup to win a Penalty and beat Australia.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jonathan Wilson at the Guardian says the Romanian national team is in a shambles.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

UEFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule

Matches & Scores:
-Wed Sep 10
Faroe Islands v Romania
Iceland v Scotland
Andorra v Belarus
Russia v Wales
Montenegro v Ireland
Northern Ireland v Czech Republic
Sweden v Hungary
Bosnia-Herzegovina v Estonia
Moldova v Israel
Macedonia v Netherlands
Switzerland v Luxembourg
San Marino v Poland
Lithuania v Austria
Finland v Germany
Slovenia v Slovakia
Portugal v Denmark
Albania v Malta
Italy v Georgia
France v Serbia
Croatia v England
Turkey v Belgium
Azerbaijan v Liechtenstein
Latvia v Greece
Spain v Armenia
Kazakhstan v Ukraine
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Group Standings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

African News

Long time Ghanaian star defender Sammy Kuffour has retired. He last played for Ajax.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

African World Cup Qualifying

Africa World Cup qualifiers
Matches & Scores:
-Wed Sep 10
Zambia v Togo
Chad v Sudan
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Group Standings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Asian News

Asia World Cup qualifiers
Matches & Scores:
-Wed Sep 10
N Korea v S Korea - to be played in Shanghai China
Uzbekistan v Australia
Qatar v Bahrain
United Arab Emirates v Saudi Arabia
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Group Standings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Road To World Cup 2010 - South Africa News

Oceania World Cup qualifiers - 2nd leg
Matches & Scores (includes 1st leg score):
-Wed Sep 10
Vanuatu v Fiji (0-2)
New Zealand v New Caledonia (3-1)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Group Standings


Anonymous joe j said...

re: Beckham / KC and MLS in general

With the Galaxy sucking airbags this season and Beckham constantly away on England duty, its no surprise that he's not drawing. No one's sure if he's really gonna be there, because they don't see him on TV each week in league play. Rarely is he in the scoreline.

It's not like he's the super goal scorer or possesses amazing speed and dribbling skills. I think Graham in his guest post said it best. "His crosses are ok, ... but they are not the magical balls of glory I was told to expect." Becks is a very smart midfielder, but past his prime.

Oh, he'll draw just fine down under, when the Galaxy barnstorm for $Mil paydays. That's all they (AEG) care about anyway, M-O-N-E-Y. ROI. Look at the Galaxy ticket prices at the HDC. I won't go.

I fear the MLS is at a major crossroads. They seem hellbent on new stadia (sure, they need the parking and concessions, but who cares about football lines - and the HDC has had a terrible playing surface much of the summer due to non-futbol events - more money/ROI). Oh, 20k sold out beats 50k empty seats, maybe. Doesn't seem to bother the Revs.

Somedays I see great talent, and on others, the bad quality of play just disgusts me. The quality of play by the home office is pretty piss poor, too. My grade for the season thus far - C.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re grosso, the onus is on the ref to not make the call. i hate diving as much as anyone but it's how many of the euros play and will continue to play. re the ref calling the PK, makes me wonder how many of these games are fixed. seriously. i heard from a german friend that there is now an investigation into gambling-related bribes and unusual betting regarding the ghana v. brasil match at germany 2006.


10:10 AM  

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