Monday, August 11, 2008

LA Times - Alexi Lalas & Ruud Gullit Given The Boot By The Galaxy!

Graham Jones of the LA Times with the story that comes as no surprise to anyone.

LA Galaxy owners AEG fired both team president/general manager Alexi Lalas and head coach Ruud Gullit today.

The dead give away came when Gullit put his house up for sale last week, then claimed his "wife just didn't really like the place". Honestly, do you expect me to believe that you spent over $4million on a house that a few months later you decided you didn't like. Please.

Assistant coach Cobi Jones has been named interim head coach. And assistant general manager Tom Payne has been named interim president/general manager.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you.

3:06 PM  
Blogger digchros said...

I legitimately hope Alexi can retain some position within the Galaxy or at least MLS. For all of his failings dealing with players, he has always been passionate and willing to put himself out there for scrutiny, and he never backed down from the media. I hope he can continue in some capacity.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Joe J said...

Shucks. They didn't even get the chance at redemption at this Thursday's upcoming Superclasico v Chivas USA.

Then again, the Galaxy have been underachievers for far too long.

Ruud looked bored, and Alexi is no Doug Hamilton (RIP).

However, the other LA Team - ol' Chivas USA - is looking terrible since they let El Guzano leave. Thornton has been sitting at Sigi's training table, I fear. Poor guy can't even get off the ground.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Joe J said...

also, heavy words from Tim Leiweke:

"We are stepping up and doing what we need to do to straighten this thing out,"


"Am I angry we find ourselves in the situation we find ourselves in? Yes. This is not a fun week. The Galaxy hasn't made the playoffs for a couple years. Punting on this season is not acceptable. It starts Thursday."

7:01 PM  
Anonymous jamesey said...

Lalas was awful. he knows nothing about running a soccer team. back in 04, he was training with the galaxy. the next week he was GM of SJ. He had no training and wasn't bred for the position. SJ, NY, and LA were garbage during his tenures.

Gullit's resignation is too bad for LA. His coaching lead to the first discernible tactics and strategy that we have seen in years.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a shame that 2 men who obviously had enormous passion for the game have been made scapegoats for the failings of the league's highest profile team. I won't argue the merits or lack thereof of each man. I will argue that this public execution probably helps no-one.

7:30 PM  

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