Thursday, December 13, 2007

Foolish Delights News

England is expected to formally announce Fabio Capello (who I believe is a distant relative of Mr. Magoo) as their new manager today.

Kyle McCarthy at speaks with New England assistant coach Paul Mariner about this name surfacing for various coaching positions.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~The Toronto Star talks to former TFC assistant coach Bob Gansler about his departure.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Glenn Davis of the Houston Chronicle says what MLS really needs is more player-fan connection to make the league even more unique from other sports in America.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The real Ronaldo is on the verge of being cut loose by Milan due to his nearly constant injuries. Many in MLS will be excited to get a shot at him. But do we really want a worn out guy? He is my favorite player, but, come on.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And another rumor started up again that Colorado is interested in signing Mexican forward Jared Borgetti. Ugh. Please don't. He is past his "Sell by" date.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stories from the Bobby Boswell (DC defender) for Zach Wells (Houston goalkeeper) swap:
Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle.
John Haydon of the Washington Times.
Steven Goff of the Washington Post.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I got an email from a guy named Warren who has a Q & A with Chicago Fire goalkeeper Matt Pickens up on his website - Check it out.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The San Jose Mercury News got a few minutes with Earthquakes owner Lew Wolff. Of course the first question is about baseball.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Those high school soccer players from the San Jose area who were kicked off their teams for partaking in a "professional tryout" have been re-instated. From the Conta Costra Times. I don't believe these kids were trying out for the senior squad, but for the amateur youth club of the team.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Philadelphia Daily Mail with an update on stadium funding from the state in that city.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Philly Inquirer with a story on a contest between two colleges to come up with an advertising campaign for a new MLS team in their city. I really hope that they have no intention using this garbage.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Miami Herald looks at what it might take to get a MLS-ready soccer facility built in that city.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USA U23 Friendlies
Matches & Scores:
-Thu Dec 13
China U23 0-0 USA U23 in Changsha - the most interesting thing about this game is that Maurice Edu started in the center of defense. Yes, defense.
Match report from US Soccer.
-Sun Dec 16
China U23 v USA U23 in Guangzhou
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

U23 official team blog.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Greg Seltzer of American Soccer Daily talks to USA & Heerenveen midfielder Michael Bradley about his amazing run in Holland, and a little on the future.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ASD also confirms that DC United keeper Troy Perkins has joined the ranks of Yanks Abroad. His move to Valerenga in Norway is all but done.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ has a fluffy (like an egg white omelet - who the hell would eat that anyway?) Q & A with USA & Aalborg defender Dan Califf.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andrew Rogers of Soccer365 does a Q & A with USA & Derby midfielder Benny Feilhaber.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andrew Dixon at the US Soccer Players Assoc says the time is not yet upon us when an American coach can make the move to Europe. I think some of them need to go as assistants. Why can't Arena put his ego in a (very large) suitcase and go be an assistant at some big club for a season. I bet Walter Smith at Rangers would have him. Yes, I know that sounds preposterous.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reuters has the roster for Sweden for their friendly next month v USA. All the players play in the domestic league, which will be on winter break.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NCAA College Cup - Semifinals & Final
Matches & Scores:
-Fri Dec 14 - Semifinals
Virginia Tech v Wake Forest - live at 4pm central time on ESPN2 & ESPNU
Massachusetts v Ohio State - live at 6:30pm central time on ESPNU & delayed at 10pm central on Sat Dec 15 on ESPN2
-Sun Dec 16 - Final
live at 2pm central time on ESPN2
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maria Burns Ortiz at Soccernet previews the College Cup semifinals - Ohio State.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Club World Cup
-About the teams:
Urawa Red Diamonds - Japan - Host team & Asian Champions
Etoile Sportive du Sahal - Tunisia - African Champions
Boca Juniors - Argentina - CONMEBOL Champions
AC Milan - Italy - European Champions
Matches & Scores:
-Wed Dec 12 - Semifinals
Etoile 0-1 Boca Juniors - goal by Neri Cardozo.
-Thu Dec 13 - Semifinals
Urawa 0-1 Milan - goal by Clarence Seedorf.
Match report (with video & stats etc) from
-Sun Dec 16 - Championship Match
Boca Juniors v Milan - live at 4am central on Fox Soccer Channel.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

UNAM Pumas have sold young Mexican defender Hector Moreno to AZ in Holland.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Champions League - Matchday 6 - The final round of the Group Stage.
-Tue Dec 11
Marseille 0-4 Liverpool - goals by Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Dirk Kuyt & Ryan Babel.
Porto 2-0 Besiktas - goals by Lucho Gonzalez & Ricardo Quaresma.
Chelsea 0-0 Valencia
Schalke 3-1 Rosenborg - Schal goals by Gerald Asamoah, Rafinha & Kevin Kuranyi. Rose goal by Yssouf Kone.
Real Madrid 3-1 Lazio - Real goals by Julio Baptista, Raul Gonzalez & Robinho. Laz goal by Goran Pandev.
Olympiacos 3-0 Bremen - goals by Ieroklis Stoltidis(2) & Darko Kovacevic.
-Wed Dec 12
Rangers 0-3 Lyon - goals by Sidney Govou & Karim Benzema(2).
Barcelona 3-1 Stuttgart - Bar goals by Giovanni dos Santos, Samuel Eto'o & Ronaldinho. Stut goal by Antonio Da Silva.
Roma 1-1 Man U - Roma goal by Mancini. Man U goal by Gerard Pique.
Sporting 3-0 Dynamo Kyiv - goals by Anderson Polga, Joao Moutinho & Liedson.
PSV 0-1 Inter - goal by Julio Cruz.
Fenerbahce 3-1 CSKA Moskva - Fen goals by Alex & Ugur Boral(2). CSKA goal by Edu(OG).
Arsenal 2-1 Steaua - Ars goals by Abou Diaby & Niklas Bendtner. Stea goal by Dorel Zaharia.
Slavia 0-3 Sevilla - goals by Luis Fabiano, Fredrick Kanoute & Daniel Alves.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here are the final CL Group standings.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And these are the teams that will advance to the knockout stages:
#1 Seeds
Inter Milan
Manchester United
Real Madrid
#2 Seeds
-The CL Knockout Stage draw will take place on Fri Dec 21.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune reviews yesterday's CL action, and calls Karim Benzema & Hatem Ben Arfa of Lyon (and France) the new Zidane. Yes, two players equal one Zizou - that seems about right!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Roma talked pretty big about making a statement with yesterdays game, but in the end they couldn't even beat Manchester United's (mostly) second string at home. Which statement exactly was it that they made? Oh right, that one: We're not that great!
-And Football Italia reports on even more fan violence in Italy at this match.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ has a Q & A with long time Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti. He is one of the true gentlemen of the world game.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Times of London reports that Inter is being sued by some goofball because he says their "special" shirts (white with a red cross) are insulting to Muslims. The lawyer behind this lawsuit is serious, and he is upset.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So now we find out why Bayern keeper Oli Kahn was suspended by the club.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jonah Freedman of Sports Illustrated with the brand new World Club Power Rankings. And he was completely right last time by NOT making Arsenal #1 as I suggested he should have.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Remember this dude who bought the London club West Ham last year, but creeped us all out by looking so damn alien? He sold his shares of the team today and is gone.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reuters with a story on the "special ball" being tested at the Club World Cup in Japan. I would be very curious to hear what the players in that tournament have to say.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lastly.... and DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED: Have you ever imagined a day when you could see a picture of a statuette of Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho or Lionel Messi "takin a dump"? Well, then today is your lucky day. Sweet Fancy Moses, that's insane! (completely stolen from City Pages)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where can you buy those????

4:42 PM  
Blogger digchros said...

Just the fact that the name Jared Borgetti got that reaction out of you is why I think he would be a good signing. I don't know all too much about him, but what i do know is that he seems to be among the most hated players by Americans, to which I say, perfect. MLS needs more players like that.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous jamesey said...

Taking dumps in a nativity scene is a Catalan tradition.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Graham said...

Another important duty of a team captain: Staying for the whole christmas party.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous sasha said...

Gonna have to disagree with you on the Borg. I think he would be a great DP signing for MLS. If a "washed up" Blanco can make an impact on the field, no reason for me to believe that Jared can't as long as he is a motivated player (that, I have no idea about).

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so if inter milan lose the ridiculous lawsuit to the muslims, will england have to change its national flag as well? and forfeit its world cup? good lord.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous GBGZP said...

Hey anonymous,

The lawsuit isn't coming from "the Muslims", you ignorant fool. It's some dimwit who happens to be Muslim who's suing. You'd fit right in with the Bushies.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Nordy said...

Let's hope South Korea's national side never plays in Las Vegas. Sigfried and Roy's lawyer will have a field day with them:

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

the muslim lawyer isn't suing because it's a jersey with a cross on it guys. That jersey, white with a large red cross on the front, looks just like the tabard's warn by the crusaders back in medievil times. Didn't anyone else realize that the first time you saw these kits?

1:57 PM  
Anonymous jeb said...

gbgzb, notice that "anonymous" didnt write Muslims but rather "muslims" refering to the muslims in the case, not the Muslim religion. The case-sentivity here is important grammatically.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out this Fabio Capello blog ive found - its proper funny!

10:44 AM  

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