Monday, November 05, 2007

Bruce Arena Ousted From NY & Frank Yallop Leaves LA

Steven Goff on his Soccer Insider blog is reporting that Bruce Arena has been fired as coach of the New York Red Bulls.

Wow! I didn't see that coming. But on the other hand, he sure seemed unhappy up there.


As you may have already heard Los Angeles Galaxy coach Frank Yallop has resigned his post with the team to go back to San Jose and run the returning team there.

San Jose is the home of all of Yallop's past glory.

But don't they say you can never go back?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am not a full-on mls enthusiast but i watch games when i can and was really excited to support my local red bulls with bruce at the helm. this season it just seemed like bruce was never fully there with the red bulls i guess he would have preferred a job in europe post WC 2006. maybe he needed more time, but that red bulls squad did not have the mark of an arena team. i wonder what he will do next.


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