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Sleep Like A Baby News

The big rumor heating the air from here to the moon and back is that Peter Wilt is about to be named as the new GM of Chivas USA!!!! This would be freaking fantastic! I hope this is real!


ADDITION: So why have we seen almost no Spanish La Liga futbol so far in the first two weeks of the season? Turns out there is a big struggle over money owed between two company's who do the broadcasts, and it's in the hands of the courts now. The Spanish Professional Football League for some reason has refused to step in and sort out the mess. Isn't it their product that is being pummeled in this mess? The folks at GolTV are also hoping it gets fixed, cuz without an agreement there are no satellite feeds for them to show us. What a mess. A website called Typically Spanish has some details. I also came across this in the Guardian from two weeks ago. How did I miss this?


Here's one place to find none-mainstream media coverage of the Women's World Cup. - Kickster (link fixed). Run out of England "focusing primarily, though not exclusively, on the women's World Cup and the women's game."


Don't forget to follow the daily ups, downs and around of our 4 Americans at Fulham Football Club in London via the fan driven site Craven Cottage Newsround.


Do you know that Cuauhtemoc Blanco's nickname is La Mochilita (corrected) - The Little Backpack. Brilliant.

Matches & Scores:
-Thu Sep 6
Chivas USA 2-2 DC United - Chiv goals by Ante Razov & Lawson Vaughn. DC goals both by Luciano Emilio.
Match report by Luis Bueno of the Press Enterprise.
Match report by Jaime Cardenas of the LA Times.
Match report by Steven Goff of the Washington Post.
Match report by Ivan Orozco of the LA Daily News.
Post-game notes galore from Goff at the Soccer Insider.
-Sat Sep 8
Columbus v Chicago - 6:30pm central on Direct Kick
Houston v Salt Lake - 7:30 HDNet
Dallas v Toronto - 7:30 Direct Kick & CBC
Los Angeles v Colorado - 9:30 FSC & FSE
-Sun Sep 9
DC v New England - 2pm TeleFutura
Chivas v New York - 7pm Direct Kick
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Troy Roberts & Dane Richards are both suspended from play this weekend. Roberts will miss LA's game v Colorado for a Red Card, and Richards will miss New York's game at Chivas for Yellow Card accumulation.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In what I think is a fairly dramatic move, Chivas USA CEO & GM Javier Leon stepped down yesterday. No real reason was given for his departure. The team is hinting that they will have a new person in place by Monday, and that we will be surprised as to who it is. My guess is Hilary Clinton.
-Ivan Orozco of the Press Telegram with more on the story.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Express with a little profile on DC defender Bobby Boswell.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS has figured out an important part of any soccer league is new blood, and are therefore going to add a new post season award for Newcomer Of The Year. Just start thinking about the great line of players available for this one! Now they just need to get rid of that silly Rookie Of The Year garbage.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

TV Sports Daily has quite an interesting overview on current state of MLS & soccer on American television. Things are definitely looking up for us fans.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The New York Times Goal blog has another new entry from New York forward Jozy Altidore. It's titled My Favorite Things. I wonder if he knows about the amazing John Coltrane tune of the same number. One of the great songs of all time. (Thanks to Matt L for the
-Sidenote: I had resisted listening to John Coltrane's version of the song My Favorite Things, the song from the Sound Of Music. As an ultra music snob I could not for the life of me figure out why Coltrane would play such a silly little "kids" song. But after many years of devouring every other note he and his bands had recorded I was left with only this track. So one day about 10 or so years ago I took the plunge. On disc 4 of a 4 CD set titled Live In Japan, the entire disc was filled with 1 tune - over 57 minutes of My Favorite Things. How could this be? In actuality the entire set only consisted of 6 tunes. And being a guy who was always up for a big musical challenge I dived in. And after just a few minutes I knew that this was not for the weak of heart, and poor of taste. This was a serious challenge. Forget the rest if you are not one of the insane souls who dig this kinda thing. The song starts of with a long bass solo and then the band kicks into high gear, breaks it down repeatedly and steps up over and over again to give us that amazing melody (yes I said amazing melody) that make this so special. I have heard several other recordings both live and studio since then of Coltrane doing this song and they are all simply magical. But I don't fault you for not finding this to your liking. Like I said, there are only so many of us "geniuses" (hahahahha) who get off on this sorta musical journey. If you are one of us, then please lay down on the ground, crank up Live In Japan and hand your heart and soul over to Coltrane for an hour of pure all-out bliss.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Meyer of the Denver Post with a story on Colorado forward Conor Casey who is finally beginning to regain his quality form after about two years worth of injuries.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tino Palace's new edition of The Clean Sheet at MLSnet is about The "Other" Team - Chivas USA. For this column Tino was paid in two bowls of chicken feet soup, one Manu Negra concert t-shirt, and a pair of size 11 Sorel Winter boots.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yanks Abroad has a nice editorial on USA U20 players who played little or no college soccer, going pro and making a name for themselves at a young age by heading to Europe instead of MLS.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The latest news from both the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer about MLS finally landing in that city. MLS goombah Don Garber was in town to talk turkey with top targets.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brad Paton at the US Soccer Review has 3 new opinion pieces on the possibility of MLS in St Louis. Go check em out. He covers the ground pretty good. I really hope this can happen for that city. If not now, then in the near future.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Bowdoin Orient college newspaper brings us the story of a young man falling in love with the beautiful game all over again, and how it led him to the schools pointy ball team.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL First Division
-Thu Sep 6
Minnesota 5-0 Carolina
-Fri Sep 7
Charleston v Puerto Rico
Vancouver v Atlanta
-Sat Sep 8
Rochester v Montreal
California v Carolina
-Sun Sep 9
Minnesota v Seattle
Vancouver v Portland
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jesse Erdmann of Blue Sky Soccer with his regular season finale of First Division Power Rankings.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First Division Standings:
51 Seattle
50 Portland
50 Montreal
42 Atlanta
39 Rochester
39 Puerto Rico
37 Vancouver
31 Miami
29 Carolina
29 Charleston
26 Minnesota
19 California
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USA v Brazil
-Sun Sep 9 - Live at 3pm central time from Soldiers Field in Chicago. You can see the game on ESPN2.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Match preview from Yanks Abroad.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune writes about American soccer fans love/hate feelings toward Landon Donovan.
-Arroyave talks to Donovan about throwing out the first pitch at the Cubs baseball game Thursday. From the Red Card.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Team USA blog.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lacy Banks of the Chicago Sun Times with a preview of the Brazilians.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jaime Cardenas of the LA Times has a profile of Mexico's young potential sensation Giovani dos Santos, who is on the Barcelona payroll.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The South London Press with an article on the first year at Crystal Palace USA. They say they have real players with real potential for the senior club in London. (thanks to BQ for this one)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

U17 World Cup
-Semifinal Matches & Scores:
Spain 2-1 Ghana
Nigeria 3-1 Germany
-Final - Sun Sep 9
Spain v Nigeria
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I don't know how many of you have seen this, but Inter Milan has an alternate shirt this season that is white with a big red cross on the front. My friend Daniele did a little research on the significance of the shirt: Apparently the Cross of St George is the symbol of the city of Milan, and according to what I have read, the cross of St George appeared as a flag in the Battle of Legnano (near Milan) 29 May 1176... before it was used in England.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

English newspaper The Independent reports that Colorado owner Stan Kroenke will not be pursuing the purchase of Arsenal. I do find it quite interesting that they can write this entire story without one single quote. I smell garbage.


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Mruh? The Rookie of the Year award is a perfectly cromulent award. It's not as silly as the one in baseball, where they give it to professionals of decades' experience.

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it's mochilita. peace.

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and oh yeah, your espn bit was very very well written, great read. thanks. mexicanbluefish

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Your aside perfectly sums up my history with "My Favorite Things". Well done, right down to the laying on the floor for an hour bit.

Here's to St. Louis Soccer United & Jeff Cooper!

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