Monday, September 10, 2007

Just Got Back From Reno Or Somewhere Like It News

I have been traveling all day, so I'll have more facts (scores etc) today than opinions and links. That will just force me to take more time to explore tomorrow. I spent an excellent weekend with friends in Chicago, and took in the exciting USA v Brazil match. If you were there or watched it, did you have fun? I sure did.

USA 2-4 Brazil - USA goals by Carlos Bocanegra & Clint Dempsey. Bra goals by Oguchi Onyewu (Own Goal), Lucio, Ronaldiho & Elano.
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So here are the du Nord 3 Stars Of The Game:
3. Michael Bradley - played some fantastic hole filling defense. How many slide tackles did he execute to stuff attacks. How many times was he inside the shirt of Kaka & Ronaldiho taking away the ball and frustrating the hell out of them. He would have gotten a higher rating from me except for that mishap known as a terrible foul in the box that gave Brazil the PK & their 4th goal.
2. Clint Dempsey - Worked really hard all game, gave his teammates tons of deft passes in places they could do some thing with while they gave him little or nothing to work with, and his goal was a Dempsey special.
1. Ronaldinho - his passing to set up Kaka which turned into the own goal was amazing, and his free kick to score the winning goal was pure magic.
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Match report from US Soccer.
Match report by Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune.
Match report by Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald News.
Match report by Lacy Banks of the Chicago Sun Times.
Match report from Chicago's Daily Southtown.
Post-game notes by Arroyave.
Post-game quotes by US coach & players from US Soccer.
Minute-by-minute reporting from Luis Arroyave on his Red Card blog.
Running commentary during the match by Galarcep on his Soccer By Ives blog.
Player ratings by Galarcep at Soccernet.
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USA official team blog.
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US Soccer photos and video from the match.
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My notes on the game:
-There was a long break in the second half while the USA medical staff examines goalkeeper Tim Howard. Obviously the fans in the stands have no idea what is going on. I later find out that Tim-may dislocated the ring finger on his left hand, but the medics popped it back in place and off he went.
-The USA has now lost 5 games in a row. What does this mean?
-I only saw one person I knew at the game. That bummed me out. Where was everyone?
-I was in the third row directly behind the southend goal. What a great place to watch any game. You could almost smell the action.
- Clint Dempsey scored his excellent goal right in front of me.
-Robinho was yellow carded for his awful dive right in front of me, although from my angle it looked like a foul. My brother was sitting a couple sections over and said it was a blatant dive!
-Unforutantely Oguchi Onyewu's own goal happened right in front of me too. On the other hand you really can't say that Brazil didn't deserve a goal at that point of the game.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Matches & Scores:
-Sat Sep 8
Columbus 0-1 Chicago - goal by Paulo Wanchope.
Houston 4-3 Salt Lake - Hou goals by Nate Jaqua (3) & Eddie Robinson. RSL goals by Fabian Espindola, Carey Talley & Kyle Brown.
Dallas 2-0 Toronto - goals by Denilson (PK) & Abe Thompson (PK).
Los Angeles 3-1 Colorado - LA goals by Alan Gordon, Edson Buddle & Kyle Martino. Colo goal by Mehdi Balloucy.
-Sun Sep 9
DC 4-2 New England - DC goals by Fred, Jaime Moreno, Luciano Emilio (2). NE goals by Taylor Twellman & Jay Heaps.
Chivas 3-0 New York - goals by Maykel Galindo (2) & Ante Razov (PK).
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lars Lifrak of Soccer365 does the Q & A with Dallas midfielder Dax McCarty.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Allen Hopkins at Soccernet with his insiderish MLS notes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL First Division
Final weekend Matches & Scores:
-Thu Sep 6
Minnesota 5-0 Carolina
Seattle 4-0 California
-Fri Sep 7
Charleston 0-0 Puerto Rico
Vancouver 1-1 Atlanta
-Sat Sep 8
Rochester 2-0 Montreal
California 0-2 Carolina
-Sun Sep 9
Minnesota 0-1 Seattle
Vancouver 0-0 Portland
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Regular Season final standings:
54 Seattle
51 Portland
50 Montreal
43 Atlanta
42 Rochester
40 Puerto Rico
39 Vancouver
32 Carolina
-did not qualify for playoffs-
31 Miami
30 Charleston
26 Minnesota
19 California
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First Division Playoff Schedule (all times central):
5-Rochester Rhinos v 4-Atlanta Silverbacks
Friday @ Atlanta 7:00
Sunday @ Rochester 6:00
8-Carolina RailHawks v 1-Seattle Sounders
Friday @ Carolina 6:30
Sunday @ Seattle 8:00
6-Puerto Rico Islanders v 3-Montreal Impact
Friday @ Montreal 6:30
Sunday @ Puerto Rico 5:00
7-Vancouver Whitecaps v 2-Portland Timbers
Friday @ Vancouver 9:00
Sunday @ Portland 7:00
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

U17 World Cup Final
Sun Sep 9
Spain 0-0 Nigeria - Nigeria win it 3-0 on Penalty Kicks.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Doug McIntyre of Soccernet gives his post-tournament assessment of Team USA at the U17 World Cup. It's not pretty.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Women's World Cup
Round 1 of Group Stage Matches & Scores:
-Mon Sep 10
Germany 11-0 Argentina - Yes you read that right 11 goals for Germany!
-Tue Sep 11
Japan v England
USA v N Korea
Nigeria v Sweden
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mexico - Panama - game called with Mex winning 1-0 on a goal by Felipe Baloy due to a water logged pitch.
Venezuela 3-2 Paraguay
Ecuador 5-1 El Salvador
Peru 2-2 Colombia
Switzerland 2-1 Chile
Costa Rica 0-0 Honduras - CR wins 3-2 on PK's
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Euro 2008 Qualifiers
-Sat Sep 8
Serbia 0-0 Finland
Portugal 2-2 Poland
Scotland 3-1 Lithuania
Italy 0-0 France
Georgia 1-1 Ukraine
Moldova 0-1 Norway
Malta 2-2 Turkey
Hungary 1-0 Bosnia-Herzegovina
Wales 0-2 Germany
Slovakia 2-2 Ireland Republic
San Marino 0-3 Czech Republic
Russia 3-0 Macedonia FYR
Croatia 2-0 Estonia
Sweden 0-0 Denmark
Latvia 1-0 Northern Ireland
Iceland 1-1 Spain
Netherlands 3-0 Bulgaria
Luxembourg 0-3 Slovenia
Belarus 1-3 Romania
England 3-0 Israel
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

African Nations Cup Qualifiers
-Sat Sep 8
Gabon 0-0 Cote d' Ivoire
Uganda 3-1 Niger
Nigeria 2-0 Lesotho
Sudan 3-2 Tunisia
Mauritius 1-1 Seychelles
Rwanda 4-0 Liberia
Equatorial Guinea 1-0 Cameroon
Swaziland 0-0 Eritrea
Kenya 2-1 Angola
Tanzania 0-1 Mozambique
Senegal 5-1 Burkina Faso
Guinea 4-0 Cape Verde Islands
Gambia 2-1 Algeria
Ethiopia 2-3 Namibia
Congo DR 1-1 Libya
South Africa 1-3 Zambia
Chad 1-1 Congo
Zimbabwe 3-1 Malawi
Burundi 0-0 Egypt


Blogger Jon Reardon said...

I gotta say, the replays ESPN2 showed made it appear that Robinho was caught right in the shins and should have been awarded a penalty. However, our fearless broadcasters never once mentioned that, but made a huge deal about Wolff's no-call (which should also have been a penalty.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sorry we didn't hook up. We were running late and just went in w/o stopping by. I was sitting in the same end that you were, it was a fun time. Maybe next time.

George H.

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Thundergunner said...

I was also at the game with an enthusiastic posse. I was also in the 3rd row of the (sort of) Sam’s Army section, but I didn’t see you or our Donovan until the game was about to start. After some waving and screaming, I gave up. Sorry to miss you!

The game was awesome, but I was disappointed by the lack of a true Sam’s Army. Where was everybody?!? If you weren’t there, you missed out.

The Robinho-Onyewu incident happened RIGHT in front of me and it was definitely a foul (although he made a meal of it with the “injury”). Robinho also had complete control of the ball—watch the highlights and you will see the ball slowly trickle out-of-bounds—and had no need to dive because he would have had Onyewu completely beaten. I wish that refs would have the balls to call the first PK, so they wouldn’t have to not call another one later (which should have also been a red card) just to make it even.

Although the worst was the "foul" call that led to Ronaldinho's fantastic free kick.

I thought that Ronnie played a couple of great balls, but he also seems a couple different player than two years ago. I watched him a lot and he was very content to pass the ball without even thinking of shooting or taking a player on off the dribble. He seems to have lost that edge that made him the world's best (i.e. when he basically ran over John Terry in scoring that great goal against Chelsea a couple years back). Granted, I would take him on my team any day.

9:28 PM  
Blogger jason said...

These five losses are against Brazil and Sweden and the Copa America, which we used to train.

I don't think it means much. We looked good against Brazil.

9:34 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Sorry I missed you as well, Bruce... was delayed to the stadium.

Oh and btw... it's Dax McCarty. ;)

9:45 PM  
Blogger mamacita chilena said...

Ouch 11-0, that stinks. Part of me really hates watching the Women's World Cup because it completely highlights the difference between a developed and an undeveloped nation's treatment of women. In Germany where women receive much more equitable treatment, they are probably encouraged to play sports. In Argentina women are still fighting for fair treatment just in day to day lives, in school, in laws, on the streets, in the workforce. They have a long ways to go before they can even begin to fight for equity when it comes to sports Title IX style.

I was happy with the U.S. game in that they went out to win. I was proud of the way they played and feel that things can only get better from here!

Chile plays again tomorrow. Rumor has it Marcelo Bielsa has the player TOTALLY isolated...they are at a hotel in the middle of nowhere, no restaurants, no nightclubs, nothing around. He's even restricting their internet use.

I'm glad. The team can use a little discipline. Can't wait to see how they do against Austria tomorrow!

10:50 PM  
Blogger Sidenetting said...

george should have blamed me about not stopping by...I dragged him up near Wrigley to get my buddy's tickets before the game so we ran out of time.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Du Nord go to Burning Man? :)

4:17 PM  
Blogger David A said...

All fans of the USL should check these two links:

"No one knew the Mariners' savior was broke"

"Save the Vics"

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Atlanta Attractions said...

" Worked really hard all game, gave his teammates tons of deft passes " ... very right about that ...

4:01 AM  

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