Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hong & Tammers News

It was brought to my attention that Pachuca goalkeeper Miguel Calero was here in Minneapolis this week having surgery on his thrombosis. He is no longer listed at the hospital where he had the surgery so I can only hope that he is doing well in recovery. We wish him all the best. If anyone else knows anything please let me know.

Matches & Scores:
-Wed Sep 12
DC 2-1 Salt Lake - DC goals by Luciano Emilio & Christian Gomez. RSL goal by Kyle Beckerman.
Match report from the Washington Post.
Match report by John Haydon of the Washington Times.
Match report from the Deseret Morning News.
Match report from the Salt Lake Tribune.
Post-game notes and quotes from the Soccer Insider.
-Thu Sep 13
Chivas v Los Angeles - 10pm central on ESPN2
Match preview by Billy Witz of the LA Daily News.
Match preview from the Orange County Register.
Match preview from Beau Dure of USA Today.
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With last nights win, DC United have become the first MLS team this season to book a spot in the post season playoffs.
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DC star & MLS all time leading goal scorer Jaime Moreno did not play of this team last night because he was playing for his country Bolivia in a friendly in Peru.
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Andrea Canales with a feature story on Dc forward Luciano Emilio and his explosion into MLS.
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Toronto could get forward Jeff Cunningham back in the line up much sooner than expected. He flew to Germany last week and had hernia surgery, and has already begun running again. The team desperately needs him seeing as they haven't scored in over 730 minutes.
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Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune writes about the Chicago Fires playoff chances.
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Paul Gardner of the New York Sun is finally getting his wish - more South American's in MLS. He must be wetting himself when seeing how well some of them are doing too.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul Grathoff of the KC Star looks at the Kansas City Wizards influence on the Team USA squad in Chicago last weekend.
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Gabriel Cabarrouy of the Dallas Morning News writes about FC Dallas forward Kenny Cooper who is nearly back from the broken leg he suffered back in early June.
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Glenn Davis of the Houston Chronicle gives his thoughts on the problems Chivas USA are having attracting fans.
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Shawn Mitchell of the Columbus Dispatch says the Crew are trying to find another defender before the roster freeze on Friday.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Columbus Alive with an article on the minimal offense coming from the Crew this season.
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Metrofanatic has a story from a member of the Empire Supporters Club who got to give New York's Clint Mathis a memento for scoring his 45th goal for the team, a new record, on the field before the last home game. Great story from a true fan.
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The Toronto Sun says that TFC owners need to get help for coach Mo Johnston in running the team. The paper says the coach is spread too thin.
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Someone on dug up this doozy of an article from the California Bar Journal. A judge has been disbarred after fixing traffic tickets for athletes, team owners and related people, including former San Jose Earthquakes and current Houston Dynamo midfielder Dwayne De Rosario. Wow.
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Women's World Cup
Matches & Scores:
Round 1 of Group Stage-
-Mon Sep 10
Germany 11-0 Argentina
-Tue Sep 11
Japan 2-2 England
USA 2-2 N Korea
Nigeria 1-1 Sweden
-Wed Sep 12
Ghana 1-4 Australia
Norway 2-1 Canada
New Zealand 0-5 Brazil
China 3-2 Denmark
Round 2 of Group Stage-
-Fri Sep 14
Argentina v Japan
England v Germany
Sweden v USA
N Korea v Nigeria
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I somehow missed this, but Jonah Freedman of Sports Illustrated has a some good post-game analysis from USA v Brazil last Sunday.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ives Galarcep on his Soccer By Ives blog has some words from Clint Dempsey on his best position on the field, and some thoughts about Landon Donovan's best spot on the field too.
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Greg Seltzer of American Soccer Daily talks to USA & Kansas City forward Eddie Johnson about playing against Brazil.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seltzer also give his USA v Brazil post-game analysis and USA player ratings.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Wed Sep 12
Mexico 1-3 Brazil
Canada 1-1 Costa Rica
Venezuela 1-1 Panama
Honduras 2-1 Ecuador
Peru 2-0 Bolivia
South Africa 0-0 Uruguay
Colombia 1-0 Paraguay
-Thu Sep 13
Guatemala v Trinidad & Tobago
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Brazil got goals from Kleber, Dracena Edu & Afonso, and Mexcio got one from Jaun Carlos Cacho in a 3-1 Brazil win at Fox Borough Stadium in front of over 67,000 fans. Brazil coach Dunga was sent off for arguing, and midfielder Elano was sent off for 2 yellow cards. Mexican keeper Guillermo Ochoa almost pulled a Kasey Keller after making 11 saves v Brazil, but conceded 3 in the end. It shows you that the difference between brilliant and nothing is very tiny.
Match report by John Connolly of the Boston Herald.
Match report by Frank Dell'apa of the Boston Globe.
Post-game analysis by Luis Bueno for Sports Illustrated.
Story on the record setting attendance in the Boston Globe.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Houston midfielder Dwayne De Rosario scored the goal for Canada as they tied 1-1 with Costa Rica in Toronto. Sadly only about 9000 people where in the stands for this one.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Euro 2008 Qualifiers
-Wed Sep 12
Portugal 1-1 Serbia
Kazakhstan 2-2 Belgium
Finland 0-0 Poland
Ukraine 1-2 Italy
Lithuania 2-1 Faroe Islands
France 0-1 Scotland
Turkey 3-0 Hungary
Norway 2-2 Greece
Bosnia-Herzegovina 0-1 Moldova
Slovakia 2-5 Wales
Czech Republic 1-0 Ireland Republic
Cyprus 3-0 San Marino
Macedonia FYR 1-1 Estonia
Andorra 0-6 Croatia
Spain 2-0 Latvia
Iceland 2-1 Northern Ireland
Denmark 4-0 Liechtenstein
Slovenia 1-0 Belarus
Bulgaria 3-0 Luxembourg
Albania 0-1 Netherlands
Montenegro v Sweden
Azerbaijan v Georgia
England 3-0 Russia
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-European Friendly's
Montenegro 1-2 Sweden
Azerbainjan 1-1 Georgia
Malta 0-1 Armenia
Germany 3-1 Romania
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Asian Friendly
-Wed Sep 12
Singapore 1-1 United Arab Emirates
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

News from biggest teams in their Euro Qualifiers:
-England got 2 goals from Michael Owen & one from Rio Ferdinand to win in Russia 3-0.
-Xavi & Fernando Torres scored for Spain in a 2-0 home win over Latvia.
-Ruud van Nistelrooy got Holland's only goal to win 0-1 in Albania.
-France were beaten at home by Scotland 0-1 on a goal by James McFadden.
-Ukraine got a goal from Andriy Shevchenko, but Italy got 2 from Antonio Di Natale to win away from home.
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Hijinx alert! The Boston Herald says a local girls high school soccer team has been punished for supposedly urinating on an opponents field and taking pictures of the action. Wow. Obviously these pictures would be internet gold, so please get busy and find these for the rest of us. (thanks to Dave for sending me this one)
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At the Women's World Cup two people were arrested at the hotel of the team from Denmark after the team found the two behind a two way mirror with a video camera. The arrested were thought to be Chinese, and the next day Denmark lost to China 3-2. Oh my! This could be a huge can of worms!
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Remember all the fuss about transfer fees in England a year or so ago. The problem was with the accusation of under the table deals to third parties that precipitated these player moves getting done. The term used was "bung". It has been quite for a while now but this week it blew wide open again at the Telegraph of England says that Tottenham player Pascal Chimbonda has been arrested by police on "suspicion of conspiracy to defraud". This could get really wild if they arrest players for things their clubs and agents are supposed to have done. Chimbonda is out on bail.
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Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune looks at the locations, the crowd size & make up, and sheer thrill of many of Wednesday nights international matches that took place around the globe. There were some truly impressive sights to behold.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Guardian with an article on former England player Graeme Le Saux's new book in which he addresses homophobia in the Premiership. In particular he calls out Robbie Savage and Robbie Fowler for their distinct brand of moronic behavior. Now there is a real shocker that those two are idiots!! Hahahaha. Good job Le Saux.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that Gardner, in his zeal to show just what a dumb bunch of hicks MLS are, failed to mention that DC has had three SA players for a couple of years before signing Luciano, the only one he mentions - Gomez, Moreno and Erpen (since traded). Didn't fit his pardigm I guess.

Hell, DC, for one, has had some kind of Latin influence almost continually since day the first. Diaz Arce, Etcheverry, Quintanilla and Vaca are ones I can remember, there's probably more. I venture to guess that his investigation into the other teams' SA roster members is as slip-shod. Nearly every team has had SA players on their rosters at one time or another. Yeah, fault the league for not working hard enough to bring in Latin talent, but come on, it's not like MLS hasn't signed players from the south. Besides, there's been enough true crash and burns signed from south of the border to quench nearly any spark of wild Latin buyng sprees (off the top of my head, Hernandez, Guevara, Campos and just for "all-European-all-the-time Nichol" in New England, Cancela; forgot that one didn'ja Paul).

Not to mention the roster chock-full of "attractive, attacking soccer" that was Chivas USA Ver. 1.0 with an almost exclusive Mexican/Latin roster. That team managed an attractive, attacking four wins.

6:54 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

most people, myself included have amazing selected memory when trying to make a dramatic point
and paul gardner is a stubborn man who will find fault in mls no matter what they do

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading Gardner for years, and much of what he suggests is valid, even in his current column. I agree with many of his gripes against the college system and what it does to soccer players. I even agree that MLS could use an infusion of SA style. But he only hurts his own cause by not being thorough and honest.

Sure MLS hasn't had a good record in bringing in Latin talent, either in numbers or in quality (or in the stands) and needs to be taken to task. But to omit Gomez, last year's MVP, Moreno who just took over the all time lead in goals scored, Cancela who helped New England into the finals to name a few, is not going to buttress his arguements, it just lays the ground to more easily dismiss the point out of hand. It weakened what would have been a strong hand without the hyperbole.


9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It weakened what would have been a strong hand without the hyperbole.

Not an uncommon occurrence in Gardner's writing, which is why I find it so hard to ever take him seriously.

12:16 AM  

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