Saturday, July 21, 2007

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I've been gone for a week, so I thought I would start to catch up with a rare Saturday installment of du Nord.

MLS matches on Sun Jul 22:
New England v Houston - 3pm central on Direct Kick
Columbus v Toronto - 4pm central on Direct Kick
New York v DC - 4pm central on TeleFutura
Kansas City v Colorado - 7pm central on Direct Kick
-International Friendly
Chicago v Celtic - 3pm central on FSC
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Philadelphia Inquirer with a story on a new investment group going after a MLS team for their city, starting with stadium ideas.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Colorado has shipped midfielder Kyle Beckerman to Salt Lake City in exchange for midfielder Mehdi Ballouchy.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The San Jose Earthquakes will be back in the league next season! MLS made it official on Wednesday. Although their actual home is yet to be determined. There is a rumor that they may barnstorm northern California for a year or two until a new home stadium is built. That is a horrible idea in my opinion.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The MLS All-Stars beat Celtic 2-0. Both goals were scored by guys named Juan from Colombia. Pablo Angel and Carlos Toja.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Speaking of guys named Juan - the Argentine Juan Sebastian Veron is back on the MLS rumor wagon - this time to play for DC United.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the ever changing numbers story on Beckham jersey's sold by the LA Galaxy we went from 250,000 to $250,000 dollars worth (approx 3000) back to 250,000 and now to 300,000 actual jerseys sold. Or was that manufactured and shipped?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cuauhtemoc Blanco has begun training with Chicago and will make his debut Sunday v Celtic.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS has launched their own magazine - Major League Soccer. More as we find out about it.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fabio Capello, the late coach of Real Madrid, has supposedly been offered either a coaching position with a MLS team, the technical directors job with US Soccer or some other big position in the soccer world in the United States. Hmmmm. Very interesting. Maybe he could become the next coach of the LA Galaxy and get to work with his buddy David Beckham again! Hahaha. No, actually the rumor has him teaming up with Dave Checketts and the mightly Real Salt Lake, cuz Capello only wants to coach teams called Real from now on.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DC United won the first every MLS U17 Cup.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Seattle beat Chivas USA 3-1 in the US Open Cup.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The South African federation says the USA is coming to their country on Nov 17 for a match. Excellent. But there is still no confirmation on that Sep 9 game at Azteca.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brazil stunned Argentina 3-0 to win Copa America
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The USA U20 team was bounced 2-1 in the quarterfinals of the U20 World Cup by Austria.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The fabled Mexican U20 team was beaten in the quarterfinals too. By Argentina 1-0.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Did you hear about this wild brawl between the Chile U20 team and Canadian security & Toronto police after getting beaten by Arg in the semifinals? Wow. The FIFA site makes no mention at all of this mess. But the Toronto Globe & Mail is all over it, as two of their photographers witnessed the whole thing. But Chile blames the Canadians for the ugliness. Oh yeah, and the Chilean players and fans tried to rip the referee crew limb from limb on the field after that game too.


Anonymous Matt L said...

Welcome back. I hope you had a nice vacation.

I am nearly "Becks"-ed out. I hope the sporting and mainstream media continue to follow the sport, including and extending beyond MLS.


12:56 AM  
Anonymous Siva said...

Re. your comment:

The San Jose Earthquakes will be back in the league next season! ... There is a rumor that they may barnstorm northern California for a year or two until a new home stadium is built. That is a horrible idea in my opinion.

As a resident of San Jose, I think this is a good idea. Support for soccer in Northern Calif extends well beyond San Jose, and even beyond San Francisco and Oakland. One thing the previous edition of the Quakes didn't do too well was to reach out to the extended fan base; playing a few games in San Francisco (Kezar or Candlestick), a doubleheader or two in Stanford, or even a game or two in Sonoma county or Sacramento might go a long way in building a robust fan base. It's always possible to not upset the season ticketholders by offering free parking or other such goodies when the games are "off-site".

7:21 PM  
Blogger mamacita chilena said...

I live in Chile and that incident has been all over the news. Of course the entire country blames the police, one hundred percent and don't place any blame on Chilean players for their out of control behaviour. And of course the Canadian policemen think they were in the right and the players totally in the wrong.

The truth has to be somewhere in between the two stories.

I do think the way you presented the story is a little unfair. Of course the Chilean players and fans were wrong in their out of control actions. But the refs weren't hurt, and most of the Chilean team were trying to stop one guy (Arturo Vidal-great player, no class) from doing the ref bodily harm.

To show both sides, it would only be fair to mention that the ref was a HUGE factor in the game. He didn't call an obvious penalty kick for Chile. And the first red card when Gary Mendel was thrown out for kicking the Argentine player...well, I'm not really sure how the ref missed the Argentine player kicking Gary first. Both players deserved to be shown a red, not just the Chilean player.

I could go on and on about the horrible job this ref did calling the game, but it doesn't matter. I'm not even a Chilean fan, I'm from the US. But since I live in Chile I'm forced to follow their soccer team since that's all that's on tv.

I just think you should try to be fair in the way you present things.

12:31 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

mamacita chilena - thanks a ton for your comments, i really appreciate it

i did try to be completely fair with my opinion

i watched the match and tried to read everything i could on the incedent, and looked at photos and video

i thought chile played a brutal game and got the cards they deserved

we will just have to disagree on this one, but i totally respect your thoughts


8:42 AM  
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